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Using Remedies Topically

While taking remedies orally is generally the accepted and best way of using homeopathics, I thought I’d share some ideas for other ways you might consider using your remedies.

This actually came about more than 25 years ago when I was just starting out with using homeopathy. I didn’t have children but I had a variety of pets. My dilemma was how to give a pilule (or actually a tablet as it was in those days in the UK) to a chicken!!

Because homeopathy is about energy, when you take a remedy the body works out where that remedy needs to be used and sends it there – that’s my simplified explanation anyway! But sometimes you feel you want to do more and the simple process of applying a remedy topically, while possibly acting as a placebo, can be beneficial.

At Elements of Health, we already make creams which contain homeopathic remedies and when treating eczema I’ll often add the oral remedy into a cream base as well as giving drops or pilules.

I’ve often advised adding a couple of drops of the individualized (constitutional) remedy to warm water and applying with a facewasher to a particularly troublesome skin ailment. You could apply our Bites & Stings or Ouchy in this way as well.

Finally if you are treating a dying or unconscious patient, someone following surgery where it is “nil by mouth” or a small bird or animal, you can apply your drops externally. Drop onto the crown of the head or rub on the wrists or the temples.

Generally, no matter how you “dose” with your remedy you’ll find it will work if it’s the right remedy. So think laterally and there are many ways to give a homeopathic remedy if giving it by mouth won’t do!


Melanie Creedy is a UK trained and Australian Registered Homeopath (AROH). She is currently Vice President and Professional Development Coordinator of the Australian Homoeopathic Association. Melanie has used homeopathy for 30 years and has been in practice since 1998. For many years she ran The Children’s Ear Clinic in Western Australian, but since her tree change to Tasmania, has a special interest in women’s and children’s health generally and helping individuals manage their journey on the spiritual path with homeopathy and her range of essences. Melanie has developed her own methods of dealing with complex cases over the years and offers distance consultations via phone and skype to allow people Australia-wide to access her services. 

Homeopathy is a traditional medicine. It may be used in conjunction with other medicines. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies. The information provided in this blog does not constitute medical advice but is for information only. If in doubt as to the appropriateness of a suggestion or treatment seek advice from your homeopath.