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Dark Night of the Soul – Finding the Light

ID-10021795Many of us will experience periods of deep sadness or depression in our lives, maybe around the ending of a marriage, a death or a job loss. A Dark Night of the Soul is an altogether different experience and while it may arise from one of the events above, it actually relates to our life journey, soul purpose and the lessons we must learn to evolve and grow.

A Dark Night of the Soul may descend on us suddenly; unlike the gentle fall of dusk but rather as if the light has suddenly been extinguished and Source and our whole etheric support network have abandonded us. We find ourselves alone in the darkness.

This is a spiritual experience, rather than physical, as if we have suddenly fallen from our life path into a bottomless black pit of hopelessness. Doubts arise, we may be plagued by negative thoughts and often there appears no way out, no future, no possibility of things ever being any different. No light…

Over the past few months I have had a large number of new clients who are experiencing their own Dark Night of the Soul. While this is a time which is unique to each individual, the theme which underlies this is transformation and change. There has been an increasingly strong energy over the year of endings and new beginnings and we see this even in the media. There is a tremendous awakening in the world on all levels and no matter how many years we have been consciously on our life path there are always new awakenings and insights as we continue to work through our chosen life issues.

It is common for people to say to me “but I thought I’d worked through that and let it go”. My reply is that we will have chosen a particular issue to work with in our lives – what I call our core issue or life theme – and while we are here on earth that work is never finished. Sometimes we rest and it may feel as if finally we have worked through an issue and put it to rest. Then it comes up again and we can feel depressed, frustrated or despairing that we are ever going to “let it go”. But changing the way we view this issue can help us to make peace with it, accept its return and embrace it knowing, it is a harbinger of real, and often deep, change.

Once you are consciously journeying on your life path, the reappearance of your core issue usually feels grindingly familiar. It can feel as if you have taken a step back in time. This can be a cause of major frustration and come with the feeling that you are stuck and repeating the same old pattern.

If you can objectively review this issue as it appeared in earlier days and compare it to now you will see this is not the case. If you give it some distance you may realise you are viewing it from a different perspective, a different angle. This core issue will arise and fit into the current context, it will be the same underlying issue you’ve chosen to work with, but it will bring new experiences and new learning. The idea is not to “let it go” but to work with it each time, to understand it better and to use it to your own benefit for growth.

Jennifer Hoffman of Enlightening Life, who I’ve mentioned before, has been saying to many of us for some time that we can now stop being Light Workers because our main work is over. We must now be Light Beacons and shine our light for those still seeking the light, those who are recently awakened and who need support on their path. But this doesn’t mean we are ascended beings or standing taller than anyone else. It should mean that we are more comfortable with what comes on the path. At this point we should also understand that sometimes the light does go out briefly and we are in darkness until we can reignite the flame. Even though we may still suffer, we should now understand that this process brings transformation and we should embrace it for what will follow when we return to the light.

The saying “it’s always darkest before the dawn” is perhaps the only thing there is to hold onto in these times, although that black hopelessness and despair of recovery will often deny this as a possibility.

ID-100266051A Dark Night of the Soul arises on the life journey when we are ready to reach higher, to understand more and to more forward within the light. It can happen many times to us and at any time on our life path, but each time the light at the end of the dark tunnel, the dawn full of promise awaits us.

It can be a very scary place to be. Suicidal thoughts may arise as a solution but unlike true suicidal depression there is generally a chink of hope, a tiny spark of knowing that while you may feel alone, you are somehow never alone. Somewhere in that darkness the knowledge gleaned from all your years of work on the path will tell you that even though you are surrounded by darkness, there must be hope.

While science would wish to medicate us, to counsel us and suppress and hide these thoughts and feelings, there is no benefit in this for those of us consciously on our life path. There is no growth. Maybe it is necessary for a time if life becomes unmanageable, but at some point we have to embrace the darkness to enter again into the light. It’s even ok to wallow for a while in that inky, velvety blackness, to experience the experience.

At the back of your mind, in the bottom of your soul you know this is not forever. It is merely a phase through which you will pass unscathed, wiser and more confident on your path.

There are definitely times in this process where we need some support and it may be difficult to know where to turn, particularly as we become more conscious. We often need a tangible tool to move us through this space and while meditation and medication can support us, my own experience is that we need a bit of a jolt, sometimes as strong as a lightening bolt, but sometimes only a gentle hand on the back to nudge us out of this place.

My experience of using homeopathy to bring progress on the spiritual or life path is that it is a profoundly deep but tangible tool for transformation. There are so many homeopathic remedies which can be appropriate and, as with anything in homeopathy, going to the core of the problem and finding the remedy which matches that energy can bring dramatic results. Usually the results are rapid and obvious, as if you’ve been picked up and placed firmly back in the light. Sometimes it brings more opportunity to work with your core issue from several different aspects with several different remedies or maybe with essences. The process is fluid, dynamic and intuitive.

It may not be all about the spiritual aspects of the life path either. It can also encompass physical symptoms – the grounding influences in our lives – the symptoms which hold us here because there is still work to be done.

I am fortunate in having worked on my own life path for more than twenty years and part of my learning has been accelerated through my homeopathic practice and the wonderful people who seek my support. A consultation of any kind is a learning and growing experience for me as a person, as well as a practitioner.

I have been blessed with access to the whole range of amazing vibrational energies that are the homeopathic remedies of today, and in particular the Meditative Proving remedies that were channelled in the 1990s. I am also in awe of the fact that we have a range of around 80 beautiful plant essences, grown in our garden at Wyldwood and prepared by Dean, which are specific to issues on the life path. And soon we will again have the Soul Harmonics, a range of essences for the spiritual path which I channelled in 2001 and which are now coming into their time.

My greatest pleasure in my practice is to work with people on their life path as the rewards are great and generally you will be drawn to this energy if you need to work with me. Be assured that your Dark Night of the Soul, while scary and seemingly endless, is but a moment on your path with huge opportunities and great rewards that can be eased and supported by a variety of energies of which homeopathy is one particularly potent tool.

Melanie Creedy is a UK trained and Australian Registered Homeopath (AROH). She was Vice President and Professional Development Coordinator of the Australian Homoeopathic Association from 2011 to 2015 and is editor of the AHA National Newsletter. Melanie has used homeopathy for 30 years and has been in practice since 1998. For many years she ran The Children’s Ear Clinic in Western Australia, but since her tree change to Tasmania, has a special interest in women’s and children’s health generally and helping individuals manage their journey on the spiritual path with homeopathy and her range of essences. Melanie has developed her own methods of dealing with complex cases over the years and offers distance consultations via phone and skype to allow people Australia-wide to access her services.

Homeopathy is a traditional medicine. It may be used in conjunction with other medicines. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies. The information provided in this blog does not constitute medical advice but is for information only. If in doubt as to the appropriateness of a  suggestion or treatment seek advice from your homeopath.

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