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Obstacles on the Path: Illusion

As we journey along our path we usually touch on many different life philosophies and ideas and out of these many ideas we develop our view of the world and of our spiritual path. We create an image of how we see not only our future, but our present and our past. We create our own movie of our life, our own personal view of reality, our own perfect illusion which guides everything we think and do.

According to the dictionary an illusion is something that deceives or misleads. This may be an external or an internal experience; so created by someone else to deceive or mislead us or created by us to deceive or mislead ourselves. Here we are talking about the internal experience of illusion, what we have created for ourselves. The picture or myth we have created that we can call ‘me’ which is different from the ‘I’ or ‘ego’, the topic of another blog!

Sometimes our vision of ‘me’ is based on our childhood experiences or it may be based on how we want our world to be. Under some circumstances it might be labelled a mental illness, but in a general sense it’s something we all do for different reasons. It can come about from parental or peer conditioning – it’s just how we’ve been brought up to see life. It might be that we want to create a dream existence to live within or it might be that we don’t like who we see without the illusion.

Sometimes we continue to live this illusion because it is comfortable for us to do so or because not to do so would be uncomfortable for us. It might mean looking at things we don’t want to acknowledge and making choices we don’t want to make, so we continue with a half-truth or even a lie that we have created and continued to tell ourselves to maintain the status quo, to continue the illusion we live within. We may not even be aware of our illusion and this is frequently the case even on the spiritual path.

Chronic illness can be an illusion; struggle or life dramas can be an illusion – something which continually distracts us from recognising some truth that is vital to our progress on the path. The biggest illusion we create for ourselves is that we are all separate, individual, unique, special because in this big old world we want to feel we’re more than just one of seven billion people. The ‘me’ that is our illusion is what we have created to keep us separate.

What this beautiful illusion overlooks is that we are not separate, we are all one, part of the same consciousness, each tiny part of us a part of the giant universe, never separate, all connected, in the past, present, future and parallel existences. That overall we are one with source, we are source, spirit, God. We just are.

This is a scary thought! This means maybe we have to drop the illusion, we might have to feel worthy, maybe we have to feel God-like, perhaps we have to be perfect, to understand everything, to stand out as a beacon for others to follow. Perhaps they will see our faults, our less than perfect-ness, they will realise we are ‘less than’.

And so while we may come to an understanding of the concept of illusion, we continue to maintain our illusion to avoid taking this giant step. We create a reality in which we live each day, each month, each year. Striving to progress on the path, striving to progress within our lives, working hard, stressing about little and big things, being caught up in life’s dramas, our illness, our loss and grief – anything to maintain the illusion within which we feel safe.

Not just in our personal lives, but in our global lives there are further levels of Illusion; untruths which have been built up by those in power which are slowly being unraveled, and as they begin to unravel we are able to see the truth of the reality in which we all dwell. People who share the same truth come together as an empowered group to push further for truth and transparency.

But we can get caught up in this unveiling of the truth and begin to create another illusion in which we live and maintain our comfort zone yet again. Another distraction from what is our truth.

So we need to ask ourselves what have we created as our illusion? Why have we created it? How do we personally perceive the world in which we live locally, nationally, globally? How many levels of illusion do we reside within? What are the half-truths and untruths we have told ourselves to maintain the illusion we live within?

Personal truth and perception is such an interesting thing. In clinic I learned early on not to think ‘I know what you mean’ because I soon realised that I didn’t at all. And if I said out loud to a client ‘I know how what you mean’ I could stem the flow of energy and information, resulting in each of us feeling understood and understanding, but really only maintaining our individual illusions.

But do we really need to understand each other? No we don’t! We need to understand ourselves. We need to understand the illusion we have created and we need to understand why we have created it. We need to look for our truth by looking in our heart and in our soul for the truth which connects us to life itself.

What we need to do is recognise our illusion and then let it go. It’s not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice and maybe we never actually perfect it, but part of breaking out of our illusion is to first recognise that our whole life is an illusion. Just think about that for a moment . . . our whole life is an illusion.

An interesting exercise is to energetically step outside of yourself and stand back and watch yourself. Watch how you behave, watch your little dramas, watch your thoughts, see where your point of greatest discomfort is. Laugh a little at how good you’ve been at creating this illusion, how hard you’ve worked to maintain it each and every minute of every day. Consider what would happen if you just let it go and you stood solidly in the midst of all of this illusion while it all rushed around you. I imagine it like those time lapse videos of traffic moving in a blur and I’m standing right in the middle – still, silent, connected but not connected, bemused but unattached.

It’s like the layers of the onion. Each time we recognise an illusion there’s another level to it. It’s like a puzzle, but only by taking the first step to recognise that our life actually is just an illusion can we begin to move forward out of the mire of life and into a state of wholeness and health.

And of course since the basis for my reality is homeopathy, there has to be a consideration of what role a vibrational remedy can have in this process. My reality is that a well selected remedy has the power to remove the veil and change our perception, shift our resonance to another level and bring clarity on the path. I know this is not illusion because I’ve seen the changes that homeopathy can bring in people’s lives and understanding – in their illusion.

What’s your illusion and how can homeopathy help you with your next step?

Melanie Creedy is a UK trained and Australian Registered Homeopath (AROH) and has used homeopathy for 30 years and has been in practice since 1998. For many years she ran The Children’s Ear Clinic in Western Australia, but since her tree change to Tasmania, has a special interest in women’s and children’s health generally and helping individuals manage their journey on the spiritual path with homeopathy and her range of essences.
Melanie works with people on their life path using soul talk, soul listening and intuiting esoteric vibrational remedies to remove obstacles on the path. This can relate to physical, mental and emotional issues which are part of our ‘soul choices’ for this lifetime. She offers distance consultations via phone and skype to allow people Australia-wide to access her services.
Homeopathy is a traditional medicine. It may be used in conjunction with other medicines. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies. The information provided in this blog does not constitute medical advice but is for information only. If in doubt as to the appropriateness of a  suggestion or treatment seek advice from your homeopath.
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