Learning to be alone!

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Now, this is a title that may not appeal to many, as the thought of being alone can be the scariest place imaginable.

So much of life is carried on by virtue of the internet, and even writing this I am using a web-based program to compose and store my thoughts. If you then consider how much of your time is spent accessing your friends, media, etc, without actually physically meeting anyone, you begin to realise that what I am about to share with you is really quite do-able.


If you could only see the life that surrounds and infuses our life, you would never question that statement again!

You may call these energies and beings by any number of names and descriptions but the fact is that you are never without a presence, even in your most intimate moments. Yes I know that sounds a bit creepy, but these energies are not spying on you; they are there to help and guide you. You can always request time alone if you feel the need.

Now back to the internet, and why I brought it to your attention.

The internet and the time we spend on it is no different to excess coffee, sugar, junk food and drugs. They all dull our connection to the worlds around us and in the process make us more reliant upon them.

For many people, when they are born their natural state is to be able to perceive other worlds and realities. It is as natural and ordinary as eating and breathing, but unfortunately for the vast majority, the process of seeing and interacting is progressively removed from their memory and ability.

So many factors contribute to why this is taking place, but suffice it to say that not being connected to the natural way and knowing you are always in contact with the energies that surround us is not a good place for us to be!

Being alone, in the sense of disconnection from all sources that strive to influence and control us, is where we should try to be. Not cutting ourselves off from our friends or becoming a cave-dwelling hermit, but alone so that we can remember and reconnect with our true family and friends who have always been with us and ask for nothing more than our love!

Welcome to the REAL WORLD!

Dean Creedy
Dean Creedy has been a spiritual seeker for over 40 years and has had a focus on the path of the yogic & shamanic traditions for nearly 25. He was drawn to the mystical and metaphysical side of the Indian and Eastern traditions, gaining deeper understanding through the grace of teachers and masters upon the path. In 2003 he became part of these traditions by initiation and adopting and embracing his spiritual name.
Dean trained to become a yoga teacher in India and Perth, Western Australia and from the turn of the new millennium offered regular classes, workshops, and retreats, covering all aspects of yogic & spiritual life. 
In 2007 Dean and Melanie were drawn to a tree change in Southern Tasmania, creating an environment where they could achieve a deeper understanding of their respected fields and paths.
He is first became initiated into Usui Reiki in 1994 and trained to become a Reiki Master 1999. 
Dean’s approach to the spiritual path and all the pitfalls and challenges is a practical and grounded one, sidestepping the often airy nature of current trends, and always looking for balance in all things. 
He works intuitively through the grace of the Masters of many traditions and a session with him may cover many aspects of this, and perhaps other lives, awakening to and deepening your Spiritual path or the causes of blockages in this life. 
He does not channel loved ones or noted people who have passed on from this life or has any idea or interest in the next lottery numbers!