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Celebrating Where We’ve Come From

It’s funny how long I’ve had this blog on my list, but finally it feels like the right time to share my thoughts.

As a homeopath and energy alchemist I have the privilege of sharing many peoples’ journeys through life and healing and now I can look back nearly 20 years at many of these amazing stories and experiences.

In actual fact – and maybe this was the trigger to finally write this blog – I met my very first patient from way back in 1999 again recently. I had consulted with her in Western Australia, and there she was standing in front of me in southern Tasmania. The synchronicity of this event, really came back to me, and along with several other events on that particular day, made me consider what I was being shown.

Rightly or wrongly, the conclusion I came to was that these four events all on the same day (and I mentioned these in Dean’s blog “Soul Family, Karmic Family“) and all dating back to 1999, gave me an opportunity to look at where I had come from.

We often forget how things were when we started out, and this can apply to the material side of our lives, as well as the spiritual. Dean and I often talk about when we met, when we bought our first one bedroom flat, how we had no money and what we were doing for jobs. We are often in awe and wonder about the plans and dreams we had for our life together and how so many of these dreams, in particular, have come to fruition, sometimes without planning and often with divine guidance.

We are so blessed and the universe shows that to us everyday as we sit on our deck, in our beautiful garden, in the peace and quiet of Mountain River. But life hasn’t always been this way and looking back and reflecting is an integral process in the journey.

Gratitude is so important and working with a gratitude journal can be a useful tool if life seems tough. Life has been very tough for us at times, as I’m sure it has been for you and may still be. But one of the ways to manifest what you want and need in life is to show gratitude for what you have, physically if you so choose, but emotionally and spiritually. The small things – the appreciation of a blade of grass, the wonder of a new baby, the beauty of a rose or a cloud – these are all things we can show gratitude for, particularly if life seems a bit crappy!

I’ve just been listening to Gregg Braden talking about the Heart-Brain connection and, let me tell you, it’s way more interesting than the Gut-Brain connection! Moving from our brain into our heart with the breath, and dropping down into the low frequency gamma waves through appreciation, gratitude, care and compassion, can trigger that connection and take us from fear, anger, rage into love and peace.

But I digress!

I started out by reflecting on life, on hopes and dreams and where we’ve come from. We often forget to honour this process. But I see this everyday in my clients and I celebrate where they came from – maybe from fear or anxiety or being totally in their brain and disconnected from the heart. I celebrate that they have moved from this fear to become healers, to be healed and to share their experiences with their own clients, friends and family.

I can hear you saying to yourself “but my life isn’t like that!”

We all have something we can celebrate, some place we’ve been that we are no longer and I often reflect on the slow, but steady progression of some of my clients and I remind them of this.

Awareness is a big achievement to celebrate. Do you remember a time before you were aware of this whole other world, of the divine connection, of the power of manifestation and our own personal power?

If you have got this far, then of course you do!

It’s so easy to spend our time looking forwards, towards the future, making plans for where we want to be, what we’re going to do next and how we’re going to get there. But what we really need to do is to celebrate where we’ve come from, what we’ve already achieved and how far we’ve come. This may be tiny steps for some people, but some of those major decisions that we’ve had to make in life are things we should celebrate.

Getting divorced, leaving an abusive relationship, going back to study and the stress involved to achieve a dream, raising a child who is autistic (any child really!) and the learning that this brings. Some of the hardest things in life are our biggest achievements and we often don’t celebrate these because it somehow seems wrong.

But many of these achievements come from the heart. We know we had to experience them, we know they have brought great learning along with the hardship and we deserve a pat on the back.

So go ahead. Think about where you’ve come from, what you’ve been through, what you’ve achieved and what you’ve learned and give yourself a pat on the back, a thumbs up, a high five, because you deserve to acknowledge and celebrate it as part of your progress on the spiritual path.

Give yourselves love, appreciation, gratitude and compassion, and be kind to yourself!

With love to you all,


Melanie Creedy has used homeopathy for 30 years and has been in practice since 1998.  Her physical journey began with poor health from childhood, leading her to explore natural therapies. Her journey with homeopathy has seen her run a general homeopathic clinic and The Children’s Ear Clinic in Western Australia, but always the esoteric side has been strong and clear.
Her tree change to beautiful Southern Tasmania brought about several ranges of Essences, created in the garden at Wyldwood and spread the word to a wider audience, as a homeopath who is recognised throughout Australia.
Melanie’s spiritual journey started long before that and she certainly remembers a deep interest in God when she was under 10 years old. That journey has taken her through an exploration of many facets of spirituality, to a point where she realised her path had to be her own and her walk was alone. As a deep thinker and a passionate blogger, many of these thoughts become blogs in an effort to demystify the myths which are created by so-called gurus, looking to hold the attention of a seeker.
Melanie works with people on their life path using soul talk and soul listening and intuiting esoteric vibrational remedies to remove obstacles on the path. This can relate to physical, mental and emotional issues which are part of our ‘soul choices’ for this lifetime. Her approach is simple but deep, grounded, thoughtful and pragmatic. Not too much airy fairy speak going on here, just a drawing together of the strings of your life. Melanie offers distance consultations via phone and skype to allow people Australia-wide to access her services.
Melanie holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Homeopathy), Diploma of Nutrition, Diploma of Yoga and she has been a Reiki Master since 1998.