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Passing through Ancestry to find our Mastery

This has been a big year for a lot of people and the thing I’ve felt most often with clients is a need to resolve old ancestral and more recently inherited “stuff”. You could call this karma. You might say this is about choices you’ve made for work to be done in this lifetime, we could talk about whether this is soul family or karmic family stuff, but basically it’s been a year about clearing to move forwards and in particular about relationships and I suspect this is going to continue into next year.

And whatever you choose to call it, there has been a lot of it around and three words – GRIEF, ANNIHILATION and TRAUMA – have been features of the year.

The three key words this year – GRIEF, ANNIHILATION and TRAUMA

It’s been a year that has challenged me to understand my remedies better and to look at other remedies I’ve never used before to help move people forward. The Radioactive Remedies have been a big feature of this second half of the year, addressing as they do this sense of destruction and annihilation of the self, but also of our old connections, habits, thought processes and sometimes lives.

I’ve looked at new remedies to address grief, but in the end good old Natrum Mur has been an absolute stalwart this year, dealing as it does with held in, never expressed, deep seated grief from both this life and apparently past lives too.

I’ve used more and more crystal and crystalline remedies this year and I’ve given out lots of Soul Harmonics Surrender essence.

So what has been going on this year?

I’m interested in numerology in a small way, so breaking down the year number 2018, gives us 11 (2+1+8) which means we’ve been in a master year. The theme I found scrolling through a variety of websites is about relationships, but really an 11 year is so much more than that, which is why it’s been a big one.

A ‘Master year’, the last being 2009 and before that 1910, means it is of an intense, high vibrational frequency, holding great potential for learning and growth, and can bring major transformations in our lives. It’s an opportunity for us to really see ourselves, to step into our truth and to shake off the shackles of this lifetime.

Sounds great?!

It certainly does, but the process can be traumatic as old lives and old patterns fall away and we’re left feeling vulnerable, uncertain, unsupported and definitely traumatised in many cases. We can feel alone and misunderstood and it’s a bit like being in the wilderness.

I’ve seen quite a few people with perfect lives suddenly find themselves in situations they never believed possible, majorly, breathtakingly, challenging, with no end in sight.

No light at the end of the tunnel, no hope, despair of recovery

And that’s another theme of this past year – no light at the end of the tunnel, no hope, despair of recovery or ever having a “normal” life again – which may come after trauma or is the beginning of annihilation of the self.

In terms of miasms – those inherited tendencies we homeopaths think of in relation to family, ancestry, etc –  this has been a hugely syphilitic year. Sounds gross I know but what it indicates in practice is a whole lot of deep, dark, hidden stuff that often threads back through the generations. Patterns that have been carried down through these generations, unwittingly repeated through the women in the family or the men, generation after generation after generation.

And this lifetime for many of us has been an opportunity, whether we feel we chose it or not, to break this cycle, to forge a new, better future.

Many of you who have consulted with me on life path issues will have heard me talk about Mastery; again that energy of the number 11 that we have been in this year. Yes we have been transitioning from 3rd to 5th dimension, to the higher realms of our spiritual understanding and living, but I prefer to strip away all the talk and get down to the nuts and bolts of the problem.

We are already masters, we just won’t recognise or accept it!

The problem is that we are already masters, we just won’t recognise or accept it! This past year has been a real opportunity, traumatic as it has been, to lift the veil, to let go of the illusion we have created for this lifetime, to break the ancestral patterns and to step fully into our mastery, leaving all the “stuff” of our previous life behind.

Easy for me to say with all the tools I have at hand, but necessary to say because in order to move forwards into our mastery, first we need to recognise it, then we need to lift the veil to see and acknowledge who we are, and then we need to live in our mastery.

I know how daunting this sounds. How our lack of self-worth holds us back. Who me? A master? No I’m not. I have lots more work to do and until I do that course or I achieve this in meditation, I’m not going to be ready for what is out there for me.

But let me tell you, friends in the light, it’s all there within your grasp, you just need to shift all this shit (sorry!), let it go, shake it off, dig your way out and move forwards. While we linger in the illusion that we must do this or we must do that, we must heal our body first or heal our relationship, or move house, that illusion is like a wall of concrete (or salt, or diamond, or limestone – depending on which remedies you are resonating with and I am thinking about!) that imprisons us.

For some of you this has been a very challenging year, but for some of you it has been outstanding and life changing. A year when the veil has lifted and you have seen your ancestry for what it was – just another tool to help you in your search for self, but also a part of the illusion – and you have stepped out of this illusion into your mastery.

So have a read through some of the other related blogs, look in the mirror and acknowledge that what you see is not what you get, but is behind the veil, and begin to work on the process of letting go of all of this belief structure and start to move forwards into that mastery that is you.

And if you get stuck, come and work with me and vibrational remedies. It may be a transitory thing as we work together in passing or it may extend over decades as has been the case with some clients, but you are always given the right tool at the right time.

May you be filled with the blessings you deserve and rejoice in your acceptance of your mastery!


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