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Cutting the ties that bind!

Very few people get through life without significant disasters between potential partners, and many of these relationship trials end badly for many reasons.

I certainly am not going to point fingers in the blame game, but suffice it to say that when things go wrong, the fallout can last for a long time.

I will get into the heart of this blog soon, but you will need to know the background as to why we are going to do what comes next.

There are many types of endings that happen in life, and I will list a few, so please bear with me!

  • Abusive partner
  • Abusive parent
  • Spiritual abuse
  • Abandonment by deceased
  • Ending a relationship

All of these endings, either agreed upon or forced upon, will leave a specific connection or attachment between the two parties involved.

It is an energy stream or filament that attaches through the etheric body and in the process can drain or affect the life force thereby causing emotional or physical unbalance.

Most times people will go through life with these attachments in place from multitudes of previous partners, parents, controlling groups and even loved ones who have passed over.

This may not be the end of things, as we can carry into our next lives attachments that were made in previous liftimes that then bring a karmic responsibility to an end and resolve the matter. Some of these connections can be continued in this life as what is often referred to as hauntings or disruptive spirits.

The result of many of these is that they take place with the victim none the wiser, just getting sick and emotionally unwell.

Often the first real sign of a problem is when it shows up in the physical body, and even then we may shrug off the symptoms, even denying to ourselves that we are suffering.

The most common of these unsevered connections is of sexual partners that have ended relationships but the etheric tie is still attached, and the emotional and perhaps physical fallout from the ending is still playing out in our lives.

So how to find where the connection is?

You may have a good understanding of the chakras associated with the body and from this, you may be able to feel where the connection may be.

Perhaps the throat chakra if you are having trouble expressing your self, the solar plexus if you feel you are being attacked, or maybe the sacral if you have sexual dysfunction issues?

What I propose takes away the guessing and works for wherever the connection may be. Even if you are unaware that this is perhaps an issue you are dealing with, it is a tried and tested method to release you from any form of control.

The method

Most forms of spiritual work require that disconnection from all outside distractions and interruptions take place before you begin, so turn off all devices and find a quiet place, preferably in nature.

Sit or lay down on something comfortable and close your eyes.

Take a few deep breaths, and begin to scan your body for any sensations but do not worry if you cannot accurately sense this.

Using visualisation, imagine that a field of light surrounds you and this field separates you from the outside world.

At one time this field was complete, and it protected you from any outside influences.

At some time this field has been attacked or damaged and is no longer the safety barrier to your soul incarnate in this life.

If this barrier is damaged, you are open to outside influences, so it is vital that you look after the health and vitality of this field.

So let us begin by sealing any gaps or attachments to this field.

You have a potent tool at your disposal, and that is visualisation, and when you use it to assist you in any form of spiritual work, it is not only you who is working out any problems, your guides also come to help you as well.

So, allow your guides to work upon the areas that you may not be able to sense or reach with your mind, always knowing that they are working for your highest potential.

Perhaps you may sense the field becoming lighter or even areas being worked upon, either way, whatever you sense, your power of intention and guides are always working with you.

Many visualisations have adopted the method of cutting or severing with an imaginary blade, but here we are using the method of removing the problem at the root.

Now ask your guides to find where the problem may stem from across all planes of existence, not just this physical one because perhaps the reason may be that what you are working with or attracting is coming from other agendas, ie past life or karmic.

Again you may not feel anything taking place, but once the guides have connected to what they perceive is the root of the problem as that they extract it once and for good.

The reason I work with the root and not cutting the stem is that just like a plant or tree you may cut a branch or stem, but the energy that is stored up within the root is powerful enough to regrow and reconnect if the reason behind it being there in the first place is still strong.

This process is something that you may have to revisit more than once as the energy that was the connection will fade, and the symptoms of the attachment will rebalance itself.

To finish the influential work that you have undertaken I would suggest you stay in your comfortable space and let your system become used to being unattached to another’s control.

So to finalise, breathe in and imagine that your breath is carrying more light and clarity to the situations in your life, that now will either resolve themselves naturally or will be highlighted that further work may be needed.

Just remember that spirit never gives you more tasks to deal with than you can handle, but you can always ask that they don’t all come at once!