Clearing, Cleansing, Smudging – Getting your House in Order

Call them gifts, curses or blessings, I seem to have been born with more than my fair share of connections to the spiritual world. Some stronger than others and some more useful.

The strongest and most useful came when I discovered space clearing and being able to see, release and then create sacred space. Be it in the home, the office or therapy room, all accumulate stagnant and potentially damaging energy.

I hesitate to use the words “dark and dangerous” as they tend to conjure up images that may not be a reality, and the last thing you want is to go putting energy into something that’s not real.

Energy is just energy. It’s the direction and intent that can cause a problem.

Would you live in a place for many years and never clean the carpets or dust the rooms? No!

Ask yourself this: are you are stuck in your life, are you in poor health seemingly with no resolution or do you have trouble manifesting what you need or desire?

Then consider the effect of living with this sticky, goopy, dark and pervasive energy and also think about the effect clearing this energy could have on your home, your life and your health.

Most homes that I have visited with the intention of space clearing all have much the same “feel”. Heavy, smelly, stagnant and yes, dark – as in a lack of brightness.

Most of the time you live in these spaces and never consider how cleansing your energetic environment could have an effect on your health, prosperity, and relationships.

What is this energy?

Everyone everywhere is affected by the four types of energy that permeate our lives.

  • Man-made – electrical and magnetic, environmental. For example, EMF’s from mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, mains electricity boxes.
  • Emotional – this is where we can experience the most significant damage but also the most natural solution, and this is where we will go to explain what it is and what to do.
  • Geopathic – produced by natural movements and interactions that our planet has with itself. These are things like ley lines, underground water and areas of distorted energy generally. The management of these kinds of energy is not discussed in this blog as these require more knowledge and understanding.
  • Cosmic – everything outside of our sphere, most of which we have no control over. Solar (what originates from within solar system), Galactic (everything outside our solar system), astrological, Pranic (life force) and, as with geopathic stress, are not discussed here because they are more complex to manage.

Again what we are talking about now is neither good nor bad, just stagnant energy that we want to avoid living within.

Whenever there is a release of emotions from animal, plant or human, it is a release of energy. This energy can either dissipate naturally and no effect can be observed, or, in the case of an emotional conflict between two people, a residue remains, and if the disputes are frequent, they can build up.

When I say that this is not something which affects only humans, try walking into an abattoir and unless you are completely disconnected from your emotions, feel the fear and suffering that has built up.

As I said previously, energy is just energy, but it can become other things if it remains or increases. Perhaps the first thing to mention is “dis-ease”, which as we know can manifest on the mental, emotional and physical levels. This can be the result of many conflicts or other negative events that have built up and not been released, of living in this stagnant energy and carrying that energy around. It doesn’t manifest in any specific way but is generally related to the individual susceptibility of the person. So as an example, someone who has a susceptibility to asthma may find their symptoms worse when they live or stay in a house where there has been conflict in the past which hasn’t been cleared.

The other thing to be aware of are the previous occupants of your dwelling or workplace. It is always useful to find out as much as you can about who lived or worked there before you and what circumstances made them leave. Not always an easy thing to find out but neighbors and colleagues are excellent repositories of information.

Sometimes you can find patterns of illness, trauma or even bad luck that travel from one resident to the next, eventually highlighting a problem that nobody seems to be able to understand.

Stagnant energy can also manifest as relationship problems, and disharmony may also run through the pattern of residents. This in itself may not produce illness right away but can do so further on in life. You might be surprised at what you dig up!

What can you do?

Everything that exists is energy or a vibration and what we see and feel is the result of specific fluctuations that we call houses, people, emotions, etc.

If you could see the energy that can build up in a room or house, instead of a square or rectangular space you would see an area with rounded corners or irregular sides where energy builds and can sometimes be felt as dark or foreboding. Just imagine a mansion many centuries old that carries the unresolved problems and dramas of its many hundreds of residents, and then imagine living there!

Simple clearing & cleansing techniques

There are many simple and effective ways to shift and remove stagnant energy. Not only should you be able to feel the difference, but your life will reflect the difference as the dark and sticky energy is cleared and bright, light and abundant energy is allowed in.

It can be useful to undertake all three of the cleansing and clearing processes below for best results and this is a very good first step, which will resolve many energy-related problems. For more entrenched issues you are likely to need more help and more tools.

Salt Cleanse

Firstly in every corner of the room or house throw a handful of salt and let it sit for at least a day. Then place a bowl of salt in the middle of the room and also leave it for the same amount of time.

Always use an unrefined rock or sea salt and only open the packet at the time of cleansing, as the salt will start to absorb the impurities from its surroundings.

Then purposefully enter the space and stand in one of the corners and clap your hands and listen. You may be aware that the sound is dull or lifeless. You may have to continue to do this until you become aware of the change in the energy of the sound.

Sound/vibrational clearing

Next, you need to start to raise the vibration, and this is done preferably with a bell, as the tone can be very high and pure.

I received a priests bell from Bali many years ago, and it is the only sound cleanser I use as it seems to know and react to every situation.

Balinese priest bell

If you don’t have a bell or similar, try using an empty wine glass and very gently either run a moist finger around the rim until it produces a tone or use a striker against the edge.

This you will need to perform in every corner and along each wall, culminating at the doorway or threshold. You may need to do this several times until the room starts to feel more vibrant.


Lastly, I either use good quality incense, resins or burn herbs (lavender, sweetgrass or white sage) to smudge the room, as this works best to lock in the cleansing.

Only use organic ingredients in a smudging process as ingredients that have not grown organically and perhaps used pesticides in the process, can release more toxins into the environment than you hope to take out.

If you are using herbs or resin, place them on an organic charcoal tablet in a fireproof vessel as they get very hot. Place it in the middle of the room and let the herbs and charcoal burn out.

Then leave the room and don’t return until the next day.

If you need more information here is a link to a Youtube clip.

Cleaning up

On the following day vacuum or sweep up all the salt and dispose of in a rubbish bin outside the house and away from the immediate area. Never use the residue for anything.

Setting your Intention

When you have finished cleaning thoroughly, it is time to set the intention for what you wish to happen in this space. This may be an obvious choice, such as harmony or peace, or perhaps, if this is an office that you perform your daily work in, prosperity.

You can also consider using this method if you are trying to have a child. It worked wonders when I performed a clearing and healing at a clients house some years ago!

Pendulum Healing

Finally, one thing that holds the intention in place is the use of an offering, and this can be either fresh flowers or something like a bright shining crystal. The choice is yours, but it should reflect the lightness and clarity of the vibration you have created. This can be placed in the center of the room or you can create an altar in a corner of the room, either way, do what feels appropriate.

Additional Tools

Additional tools which can be used easily every week or every day, are our Enviro Sprays which have been created with the purpose of aiding in cleansing your space. We devised these specifically to combat the problems found in many homes and workplaces during my space cleansing work and the feedback we have received has shown the benefits.

I usually start with Space Clearing and end with Peace Be Still if you are wanting to create a sacred space, but it may depend on what you come across during your clearing and what you are going to use the area for.

If you have a problem with more man-made negative energy, such as EMFs then Electro-Emissions will clear and settle this, but needs to be used regularly – as regularly as you are using your computer, mobile phones, modems, etc.

If your problem is more to do with off-gassing of man-made products from new furniture, flooring, paints, and glues or similar which contain chemicals and so on, then our Enviro-Toxins spray is your go to.

It may be that you will need to go through some or all of these processes to work out exactly what is the problem, and it may be that because of negative emotion creating a negative energy generally, this traps more negative energy on all levels.

Sometimes these simple things work and sometimes not, so when someone asks can I help them I generally say that I don’t know until I try. You just never know what you will find when the front door is opened and you are invited in. Some energies are ancient and firmly entrenched and require special handling, but that is another blog!

You can always email me if you have further problems or just let me know how things have changed for you?

Dean Creedy has been a spiritual seeker for over 40 years and has had a focus on the path of the yogic traditions for nearly 25. He was drawn to the mystical and metaphysical side of the Indian and Eastern traditions, gaining deeper understanding through the grace of teachers and masters upon the path. In 2003 he became part of these traditions by initiation and adopting and embracing his spiritual name.
Dean trained to become a yoga teacher in India and Perth, Western Australia and from the turn of the new millenium offered regular classes, workshops and retreats, covering all aspects of yogic & spiritual life. 
In 2007 Dean and Melanie were drawn to a tree change in Southern Tasmania, creating an environment where they could achieve a deeper understanding of their respected fields and paths.
He is first became initiated into Usui Reiki in 1994 and trained to become a Reiki Master 1999. 
Dean’s approach to the spiritual path and all the pitfalls and challenges is a practical and grounded one, sidestepping the often airy nature of current trends, and always looking for balance in all things. 
He works intuitively through the grace of the Masters of many traditions and a session with him may cover many aspects of this, and perhaps other lives, awakening to and deepening your Spiritual path or the causes of blockages in this life. 
He does not channel loved ones or noted people who have passed on from this life or has any idea or interest of the next lottery numbers!