Meditation is like having a meeting with yourself

Oh come on, meditation is so easy why do you have a problem with it?

Yes, that is what I have heard from many different sources of teachings and traditions. But yes, meditation is hard, and yes dedicating time to make it happen is even harder. So why are we having this conversation?

Because instead of beating yourself up because you haven’t yet found the key and made it a part of your life, you should stop trying to meditate and begin with something else!

But you teach meditation?

Yes, but the bigger picture is that in our crazy world finding space just to take a breath can be hard enough, let alone trying to fit something else into it.

First of all, do not use words like mindfulness and meditation to describe what you are doing because it can have an adverse reaction to stimulating the ego into action. Sure things can start well enough, but probably without you knowing, your practice begins to falter and other things begin to distract.

My suggestion is simply to start by having a meeting with yourself on a regular basis.

What I mean by this is to sit and breath and discuss or scan inwardly how do I feel, am I relaxed, does my body have tension, do I have loving thoughts, do I feel calm?

The more questions you have, the more you can review the source of the feeling or emotion being presented, i.e. where is this feeling of anger coming from, is it because of something I did or something that has been done to me? This is where you can resolve many issues before they become a pattern in your life.

When you identify what the source of the issue is, then visualize breathing in white light and breathe out black or dark smoke. If you feel able when you breathe out, add the feeling or emotion that you have identified into this darkness.

Try doing this for a few weeks until you perhaps feel more equipped and ready to enter back into a regular meditation regime.

Meditation is work, as what you are striving to achieve is correcting the imbalances that have been deeply lodged in your subconscious.

Finally what I would say is that meditation is a tool and do not get hung up on not being either good at it or even being able to do it! The world of Spirit has many ways to get to the end result and if one doesn’t work for you then try another, just don’t give up or give in.

If all else fails try this yoga nidra I recorded. Click me!

Consider yourself blessed. XX

Dean Creedy has been a spiritual seeker for over 40 years and has had a focus on the path of the yogic & shamanic traditions for nearly 25. He was drawn to the mystical and metaphysical side of the Indian and Eastern traditions, gaining deeper understanding through the grace of teachers and masters upon the path. In 2003 he became part of these traditions by initiation and adopting and embracing his spiritual name.
Dean trained to become a yoga teacher in India and Perth, Western Australia and from the turn of the new millennium offered regular classes, workshops, and retreats, covering all aspects of yogic & spiritual life. 
In 2007 Dean and Melanie were drawn to a tree change in Southern Tasmania, creating an environment where they could achieve a deeper understanding of their respected fields and paths.
He is first became initiated into Usui Reiki in 1994 and trained to become a Reiki Master  in 1999. 
Dean’s approach to the spiritual path and all the pitfalls and challenges is a practical and grounded one, sidestepping the often airy nature of current trends, and always looking for balance in all things. 
He works intuitively through the grace of the Masters of many traditions and a session with him may cover many aspects of this, and perhaps other lives, awakening to and deepening your Spiritual path or the causes of blockages in this life. 
He does not channel loved ones or noted people who have passed on from this life or has any idea or interest in the next lottery numbers!