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Nurturing the Family Dynamic with Homeopathy

While some of you have a really deep understanding of homeopathy and its often amazing results, I know there are a lot of people who think of homeopathy as “just another one of those natural health modalities” which is useful if your child has a bout of diarrhea, someone has sinus or the dog is anxious about thunderstorms.

Without wanting to sound superior, homeopathy has such a wide range of effects that it has the sceptics quickly reaching for their poison pens everytime something is published about our modality! This is really because of the way homeopathy works and not because we think we are better than everyone else. Any of the modalities which are able to work with the energy body are going to have a similar effect and this is what we are really doing when we give a remedy.

What I wanted to talk about today is really an extension of how a remedy works for an individual.

My personal take on how a remedy works is that when we give a remedy that matches the vibration of the patient – because yes we really are working with energy – it stimulates the whole system to work harder to overcome the symptoms and bring the system into balance.

Balance might mean resolving a gut issue, resolving ongoing sleep problems or helping manage anxiety. The improvement can be profound and life-changing if someone has battled with a particular condition for many years. A lot of clients with chronic and deep-seated health issues will have seen many specialists and tried many different treatments. Often homeopathy is the last resort for them and they come to see the homeopath from an “I’ll try anything” place.

Some personal health issues affect the family dynamic, or the family dynamic is the cause of the issue. It’s common for someone to be in a relationship with a person they love but find hugely challenging and they often feel nothing can ever change. Sometimes this is a perception, ie they have got into a space over the years where this is a belief but not a reality. Very often can be is a belief that stems from childhood experiences.

Frequently the lovely mums bring all the children for their various issues or send the partner, leaving themselves last or not coming at all! But my observation is that if we saw the mum first we could make inroads into the children’s issues and into the family dynamic as a whole, because we get a different perspective. We all need to nurture ourselves and to recognise our own importance, but mum is often the hub of the dynamic and central to the healing of the family.

If we take this a step further, we could say that this is part of what we have chosen for this lifetime and there are lessons to be learned through this situation and growth to be achieved.

If we take this a step further, we could say that these situations are a part of what we have chosen for this lifetime and there are lessons to be learned through this situation and growth to be achieved. Yes, we are getting into the esoteric here to some extent, but this is – to my mind anyway – all part of who we are and how we heal.

People don’t have to be consciously on their “spiritual path” to be in this space when they come to see their homeopath, but they do often recognise that there is something more going on than just their gut issues or their asthma. A remedy is like a key which opens us up to a deeper understanding of ourselves and of life, and as part of that energetic process of moving us forwards, it can have far-reaching effects on our relationships.

Take for instance a person who has had years of abuse, either as a child or in a relationship. That person may be so broken down and lacking in confidence that it is almost impossible for them to get a job or hold their head up in social situations. No doubt they’ve had years of counselling which helps them to compensate for this inner turmoil and cope with life to some extent. But they know how they feel inside and it’s usually not good. Medication may take the edge off but nothing can change that feeling of being beaten down by life.

What if we gave them a remedy that matched this picture, and the remedy I’m thinking of, just as an example, is Lac Caninum or dog’s milk. Yes, it’s another one of those weird homeopathic remedies, but if we think about the whipped, mistreated dog, then we are seeing our patient!

What happens when we give a remedy which matches this picture or energy is that it pushes the system to come into balance. The body (and here I’m referring to mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) will always try its hardest to do this itself and that’s probably why people with very deep or chronic conditions have good and bad days. If we can find the right remedy and the right potency, the results can be dramatic. If you can bring the system back into balance and keep it there, then you can have change on many levels. We might call this a “light bulb moment” in some cases or an awakening or even an increased consciousness, but it is change.

And when you have change in yourself, then you can have change in your family dynamic. Again, it may be that perception has kept someone in a submissive situation or beholden to their kids or partner. Once that energy changes everyone feels it! Partners sit up and recognise that something has changed and often their behaviour changes too – they can feel how different the energy is. Children feel that change too, recognise the new inner strength and may begin to show more respect or to behave differently.

Looking at the bigger picture and again coming from the esoteric, we are all part of one consciousness, we are all part of the whole and therefore we are all connected. We change ourselves, we change those around us, we change the world!

Melanie Creedy trained in the UK in the early 1990s and holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Homeopathy. She is registered with the Australian Register of Homoeopaths (AROH) and is a member of the Australian Homoeopathic Association.
She was Vice President and Professional Development Coordinator of the Australian Homoeopathic Association from 2011 to 2015 and is editor of the AHA National Newsletter.
Melanie has used homeopathy for 30 years and has been in practice since 1998. For many years she ran The Children’s Ear Clinic in Western Australia, but since her tree change to Tasmania, has a special interest in women’s and children’s health generally and helping individuals manage their journey on the spiritual path with homeopathy and her range of essences. Melanie has developed her own methods of dealing with complex cases over the years and offers distance consultations via phone and skype to allow people Australia-wide to access her services.
Homeopathy is a traditional medicine. It may be used in conjunction with other medicines. For any ongoing chronic condition or serious acute illness, it is important to be assessed or examined by your GP or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies. The information provided in this blog does not constitute medical advice but is for information only. If in doubt as to the appropriateness of a  suggestion or treatment seek advice from your healthcare professional.