The Journey from Mind to Heart

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The Journey from Mind to Heart

This is a journey that all will take at one time in their life; some may start with a few steps and then retreat back into what is comfortable. But, all will one day start and finish, and there will be no regrets or going back!

We are living in a world that the mind has created and keeps our attention within because if we were to leave that world would disappear. It doesn’t mean that the physical world disappears but that the attachments and dramas that we associate with this world will have no meaning and no hold over us!

The mind understands that it must hold onto any connection to itself that it can, and it, in turn, can create what we then believe is real, i.e. love, happiness and joy. These things are but a shadow of the truth that can be lived when you open the door to love, happiness and joy that is within the heart.

Our starting place can be as simple as questioning the motives of why we would do something, take for example food!

With all of the coverage in the media, why would you choose to eat what is unhealthy and potentially not good for you, when with the same amount of energy and input you could make a better choice.

Again, simply because the mind can see down the path, it is promoting that it can control and manipulate you at every opportunity it can.

Why the Heart?

It is not a physical thing; it does not relate to anything physical. All it relates to is the place that we can be in our connection to the Divine or God/ess.

This place we call the Heart is our direct experience of the Source. It is where we can live in complete guidance and truth that all we will ever be is pure love.

Can anyone give you the key to awakening to this?

No, because it is not something that you can buy or be given. You have always had it and will never lose it.

The love you have in your Heart is not something to attain or keep – it is what you are.

So do not go searching for it in a bookshop or online, as all you may find are ways to bring you back to the mind! Just sit in the silence of who you are and let all distractions fall away one by one.

This is not meditating it is being free from the need to meditate…it is complete freedom!

Dean Creedy has been a spiritual seeker for over 40 years and has had a focus on the path of the yogic traditions for nearly 25. He was drawn to the mystical and metaphysical side of the Indian and Eastern traditions, gaining deeper understanding through the grace of teachers and masters upon the path. In 2003 he became part of these traditions by initiation and adopting and embracing his spiritual name.
Dean trained to become a yoga teacher in India and Perth, Western Australia and from the turn of the new millennium offered regular classes, workshops and retreats, covering all aspects of yogic life. 
In 2007 Dean and Melanie were drawn to a tree change in Southern Tasmania, creating an environment where they could achieve a deeper understanding of their respected fields and paths.
Earlier this year (2018) a calling to move to the NW of Tasmania has deepened their understanding of their individual and joint life path. It was also during this time that Dean’s true guide and Master reappeared.
Dean’s approach to the spiritual path and all the pitfalls and challenges is a practical and grounded one, sidestepping the often airy nature of current trends, and always looking for balance in all things.