Why is my old life dropping away?

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I think before we get into this topic you need to be aware that you are not alone in this taking place around you and that most people who tread the spiritual path go through this.

The difference with some people is that they come to terms with it more quickly than others.

Absolutely everything in the Universe, from the most massive planet to the smallest thought, is a vibration manifesting in either time or space.

We are part of the “all that is” vibrating at a specific rate so that we become Dean or Melanie.

Built into our individual vibrations are specific ones that we share with others, for example, love, compassion, trust and so on.

The vibration for furtherment to become more evolved, which some call the spiritual path, is one such specific frequency.

When awareness takes place within us, our vibrations change, and we no longer resonate at the same rate as we did before, and to others who knew us previously and have not become aware themselves, they do not recognise or understand this change.

This is not to say that because we have changed our friends, partners, etc, will leave us, but what it does do is offers the people we interact with the opportunity of sharing the vibration that you are feeling. Essentially they can piggyback on the energy of change and see if it fits for them. Not all do!

There is a substantial movement at the moment to change from eating meat and dairy-based products to plant-based. This also took place with the hippie movement in the ’60s, and sparked the beginning of the “new age” movement.

What is happening now is that consciousness is being changed on a similar scale, this time without the drugs!

The problem that many seekers find is that they try and juggle their lives between the new and the old. Sometimes it works, but often not, as we struggle to understand outdated viewpoints and habits.

It is also possible that you may find that you are becoming more and more insular and spend more time either on your own or with a particular person you have found who is like minded.

We do not need to collect hundreds of “friends” on Facebook or cling on to everyone we meet as if we were on a sinking ship.

We come here to do the hard work of awakening, and it is only us who can do that, not a friend or even a teacher; we have to do it ourselves!