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Looking back on 2021 . . .

This past year has challenged our belief in our country, our world and the people who we believed worked for our best interests. Many of us have seen and heard things we could never imagine in our reality and as the year has rolled on a lot of what we are seeing is unfolding like a train wreck! I don’t think there are too many individuals who have been untouched by what has been happening and it affects us all in different ways.

What has become a focus for this past year specifically is the heart and I am in the process of writing a blog about this, because it is interesting in the context of the whole.

We’ve seen hearts opening with compassion for those who have lost their jobs, broken with families and friends, and who have been injured. Many of us have personally heard too many distressing tales to believe that all of this is rare and uncommon and while we’ve opened our hearts and our arms to these people, at times we’ve also had to protect our hearts from the ongoing level of distress we see if we know where to look for the truth.

Sadly we’ve also seen hearts closed to the plight of many, those we trusted to keep our best interests “at heart”, who have hardened and closed to the pleas for answers, for help and for common sense. This has included placing censorship and restrictions on information, access to and advertising of the things that have been traditionally and successfully used in times like these. This is obviously not the first time our planet has been faced with such a situation and our older modalities, homeopathy included, have tried and tested support mechanisms already in place, which have been heavily censored.

And if you’ve been watching closely you will also have seen the coincidental rise of heart conditions in the young and fit and the many deaths from heart attacks. What started out as rare now becoming increasingly common as the focus is firmly on the heart; body, mind and spirit.

This year many practitioners have found themselves busier than they could ever have imagined. All the years of governments and skeptics trying hard to label complementary therapies as unscientific and lacking evidence have failed to stop the flow of people looking for support for their general health. Leaving conventional medicine in their droves, now in many cases banned from entering medical practices and specialist appointments if they have not complied.

Obviously many people have been looking for support to comply with work mandates, to protect their health and their livelihoods, and this was a huge focus for us at Elements of Health this year. It proved to be an increasingly stressful part of the year with regulations tightening like a mouse trap behind our every step and even a couple of our homeopathic colleagues having their premises raided for daring to offer people support too loudly!

But in that space we all cultivated the dogged determination that within the regulations we would continue to do what we could to support people as we always have done, because restrictions do not always create compliance!

There’s also been an upsurge in people deciding it’s time to care for their health a bit more, to get off their reliance on over-the-counter medications and find some real solutions, as well as those who want some support remedies in the cupboard as a “just in case”.

What we are seeing happen is all part of the great awakening; something that has been talked about for decades. People awaken to the truth in different ways and it is creating communities of like-minded people, each with a different focus, each supporting the other. People are offering their skills and gifts to those who are now outside the mainstream community, whose children may be home schooling, and there are even businesses shouting out that they’re hiring the non-compliant and telling us “we don’t discriminate”!

Online businesses are going strong and many practitioners who never thought they could work this way are learning the skills necessary to connect with their clients as deeply from a distance as they did face-to-face.

Relationships with colleagues around the world have strengthened and we have all supported each other at the different stages of this process, sharing information and discussing solutions for our clients. A wealth of information on tap for the asking and always given with thoughtful and caring consideration.

And what underlies it all is a deep spiritual connection; subtle in some cases, but definitely there. Whether it be a stronger faith in a familiar god or an awakening to the divinity of nature, as with other aspects of this past couple of years, there is no judgement as to where your faith lies, but an all encompassing love and support for each other and a trust that good will prevail.

I have also started to feel a deep sense of purpose and excitement about what the future holds in those I am connecting with. A feeling of cohesion and togetherness, of new communities and new friends, new opportunities and the strength to fight this as a group.

Promises have been made and broken. Goal posts have been moved time and time again and the truth is out there and is being revealed for what it is.

It’s been a year from which I know we have wanted to wake up and find it’s a bad dream, that this didn’t happen in our country to our people and we really are getting back to “normal”!

It’s been a dark year for many and no doubt there will be more of the same next year, but as we start to look beyond the MSM narrative, to ask questions on behalf of our families and friends, to look for different options for our life and our health, we start to find renewed hope.

And as I write this, the process of unpacking and sharing our year allows me to see the cracks where the light is starting to come in. The light has always been there, but at times the darkness has dimmed that light to just a glimmer.

We need to focus on the cracks where that light comes in and gather our strength and resilience for the time to come. This is the end game that many of us have read and talked about, but somehow never expected to live through.

Find your tribe, live in your heart, step out of fear, look for the light.

See you on the other side!

Melanie & Dean