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Vaccination Detoxing

These days we are all being encouraged to support community health and ourselves with vaccines. Some people worry about this in terms of potential reactions and compromised health later on. Where there has some sort of reaction which may be associated with a vaccine, they often feel this has not been acknowledged and they can feel anxious about continuing with the process, but have no choice due to Government regulations.

Over the years at Elements of Health we’ve worked hard to provide support through our ImmSave Program to make the process smoother, less of a health risk, where there is a potential for this in sensitive people, and to take some of the worry away.

The homeopathic process of support at the time or detoxing after the event, if required, does not reduce or change the effectiveness of a vaccine. It helps the immune system do its best work at this time, with a minimum of bumps along the way!

Do note here that medical professionals will say you can’t “detox” something and that the only detoxing is medical chelation. Our use of the word “detox” is because it’s something we’re all familiar with in the general community, but my perspective is that we help the body rebalance and let go of what is not wanted or needed gently and supportively.

My thought process on vaccination detoxing

I get the question about vaccination detoxing frequently these days, so here is an explanation of this process from the homeopathic perspective.

I tend not to look at what’s required as “detoxing the vaccines” but more tuning up the whole system and looking at the underlying issues, such as family inheritance.

Some children react to vaccines and some don’t, but certainly in over 20 years in practice I’ve seen a dramatic decline in children’s health. We’ve gone from acute childhood disease several decades ago to more children with more chronic disease today. This is often attributed primarily to the impact of an increased vaccination schedule, but we don’t know this for sure and there are so many factors which may be implicated; nutrition, the quality of our air, food and water, our general environment, the more-than-50-year-impact of the oral contraceptive pill and artificial hormones, including the increase in IVF, EMFs, general life stress and so on.

No child is born with a clean slate. No matter how good your pre-conception and pregnancy care, your nutrition, your birth and baby’s first months, we are all affected by our inherited family medical history and susceptibilities.

Often the vaccine is just one factor in many and the inherited susceptibility predisposes a child to particular health issues and lowered immune function generally, so they are more sensitive to the vaccines and the environment.

The first question to any parent asking about a detox for vaccines is whether the child currently has any obvious health issues. The answer to this question will help us decide whether treatment is actually necessary. Just because a child has been vaccinated, doesn’t mean they need detoxing.

What symptoms indicate that a consultation might be necessary?

We all hear the conversation about autism and asthma, impaired gut health and of course food allergies, but my experience in clinic shows that sometimes it’s the small things that indicate all is not well. Again, this may be related to specific vaccines, but often it’s impossible to say what the cause is

Some of the more niggly things that do not resolve no matter what protocols you try and which I see frequently in clinic would be:

  • Recurrent acute illness such as colds and coughs
  • A continual runny nose or throat clearing
  • Restless sleep
  • Bedwetting
  • Molluscum or other skin issues
  • Anxiety
  • Worms/parasites
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Low iron
  • Low energy
  • Low appetite
  • Dark circles under the eyes

This is just a short list which would indicate to me that something is not right and requires a broader look. Sometimes a child may have just one niggly symptom, like throat clearing in the morning, other times a child may have a complex combination of the above.

What can we do?

What we do as homeopaths is look at the bigger picture. We don’t need to know what the cause is, although sometimes this can be useful if we do decide that some form of detoxing or “chelation” is necessary.

What we aim to do is bring the child’s system back into balance by encouraging it to work harder to do the job it’s trying to do itself. Symptoms are our body’s way of telling us something is wrong and they need to be listened to and worked with, rather than suppressed or fought!

If we decide that treatment is necessary, then my approach to this is to work out a constitutional (individualised remedy) which fits the uniqueness of the child, addresses the health issues and the inherited tendencies and brings the system into balance. Through this process issues with vaccination, environment and allergies begin to resolve. If they don’t improve with standard homeopathic prescribing, then we may start to look at things like vaccination detoxing and also “chelation” of heavy metals and high copper.

Our own detox program

We have developed our own vaccination detoxing program over the past 20 years, based on the work of the late Dr Tinus Smits (, Dr Jean Elmiger and more recently Ton Jansen. We will use this if specific detoxing is required, ie where there has been a definite reaction to a particular vaccination or our well chosen remedies are not working as we would expect.

At some point I would be likely to order a hair analysis from Interclinical Laboratories to assess what, if anything, is going on. Certainly it may be heavy metals, although these days I do see more mineral imbalances and high and low copper.

As with the general health issues, in relation to heavy metal toxicity or high copper, specific “chelation” is not always necessary, as individualised and well-chosen remedies can bring balance to the system and allow the body to release unwanted toxins naturally in the process. If we do decide to “chelate”, I use only homeopathic remedies and some simple supplementation, if considered necessary, based on my long experience.

The first step is always a consultation

The first step is therefore always a consultation and a well-chosen constitutional remedy. Then if things don’t progress as we would expect, we take it to the next step and look more specifically at other factors.

I find this simple approach can often bring greater benefit than mass supplementation programs. If a system is already weakened then it can be hard to absorb supplements and in many of the cases that I see in clinic, the body just doesn’t know what to do with all these additional stimulants.

Too much supplementation can be as bad as too much conventional medication and certainly this will show up on a hair analysis.

I am not currently taking on new clients but have a list of trusted colleagues who can help you out if you consider your child or yourself need some support. Do contact me and I can send you their details.