Prepping your Homeopathics

Please note this article may be updated from time to time. It has been a labour of love and there may be more to add!

Since writing this post back in July of last year, we’ve put together a Homeopathic Kit; Prepping Additions which is, as it says, in addition to your standard homeopathic kit. The remedies relate to this post.

Homeopathic Kit; Prepping Additions


In the coming months and years we cannot know what is in store.

Many of us have prepped on and off for the possibility of power outages and food and medicine shortages. We have learned as much as we can about how to manage minor illness and accidents without medical care and hopefully we all have a bit of a stash of what we might need.

At the moment we may be able to access the emergency department, get in to see a GP or phone Health Direct, but things are changing and we can’t always rely on services being available, as we’ve seen with access to ambulances in some areas and for people cut off by floods or bushfire.

Just recently in our small town in the north west of Tasmania, our GP practice was closed for a whole week due to staff illness. There is no other GP practice in the area, leaving vulnerable people without access to medical support and advice, particularly if they do not have transport.

So what if something happens where you have to step up for a family member or friend and provide first aid or some other support with no other back up?

Have you ever done a first aid course so you know the basics in an emergency?

Now is a good time to consider this, as well as having a clear idea of how to manage these minor emergencies and the tools to manage them.

I’m going to write my usual disclaimer here because talking about topics such as self-sufficiency seems to be becoming a taboo like so many things. 

DISCLAIMER: The homeopathic remedies we talk about are for support and management of minor accidents and ailments in the home. It is important to always be assessed by a medical professional and  seek medical assistance in an emergency.

What we’ll cover here

This article will cover remedies for first aid situations. Some of the conditions and remedies discussed will only have basic notes and information. You may need to do your own research.

We wanted to publish the general information sooner rather than later and this blog may be updated from time to time as times goes on.

If the worst should happen …

Towards the end I will include remedies for some specific situations which we probably don’t want to think about! I will be limited as to what I can talk about here, but if you are already a client you are welcome to contact us direct with your question or request.

How to access some of the remedies we discuss

Please note that some of the remedies I mention are not available from the online store due to regulations, but as with the pack we rolled out for the C9 jibs, if we have people asking for remedies, we will make them available via a private link.

Related Posts

At the bottom I will list the related posts which cover other acute ailments as a reference guide. What this should illustrate is that your single homeopathic remedies have more than one use. If you think of them as “remedy people” rather than a one dimensional product, you’ll come to understand them better and their broad potential for use in a range of situations.

Read as widely as you can, do some YouTubes (which I haven’t found time to create myself!) and pad out your knowledge and you’ll get better results. Sounds tricky but after a while you’ll see that each member of your family fits a particular remedy type. You’ll work out which fever remedy is best for Timmy and what Ella needs when she has a sore ear or constipation. Often the same remedy will work for most most acute ailments in an individual, particularly if your child has a reasonably strong constitution.

Homeopathy for First Aid Situations

The suggestions in this post are going to apply to situations where you may not be within easy reach of medical assistance, so your kit and your knowledge are going to be most important, particularly if you have no internet access.

Homeopathics can be a really useful adjunct to whatever else you do (even if undergoing medical treatment) and are helpful in the recovery phase and to speed up the healing process, as well as to avoid ongoing issues.

Pets & Wildlife

This will also be useful information for emergencies such as bushfires and similar, where remedies may also be given to animals including domestic pets if required.

Drops are easiest to administer and can be popped on the head or the back if you can’t get close enough to give by mouth! You could also add drops or pilules to a water bowl or trough.

However, for the longer term I would recommend pilules as they tend to have a longer use by on them and just generally go further and will last better than drops, particularly if you are in a hotter area.

These acute situations are where single remedies are often king!

There are quite specific remedies for specific situations and getting to know them so you are familiar in an emergency is important if you want to use homeopathy in all areas of your lifecare.

What I have included here is a list of the most frequently used remedies and their applications and then a mini repertory (link below), which shows a situation and the likely remedies.

If you are a single remedy prescriber, as opposed to using some of our combinations, I suggest you print this list off and store with your first aid kit or purchase the small and inexpensive Homoeopathy for Home Prescriber book, available in the online store.

Just some general notes before we get into the remedies, but do check out the FAQs and maybe save them too as they will answer many other questions.


Potency is about vibrational frequency rather than “strength”, so in some ways it doesn’t always matter what potency you have on hand. If you have it, use it!

30c is generally fine for accidents and injuries, but really use whatever you have because the body will work with it.

If you need to continue doses for a few days then a 6x, 6c or 30c can be given three or four times a day or 200c once or twice a day. It all depends on the intensity of the situation.

If you’re not sure read How much do I give and how often.

Most of our kits come in 30c, apart from our more recent Home Remedy Kit for Cold, Flu, C9 which is all in 200c and you can also Pick Your Own Pack to get a bulk discount on a selection of single or combination remedies.

You can purchase 200c potencies singly in the online store.

How often?

Usually we say to give the remedy until the symptoms settle and repeat if they reappear. Since this can make for a bumpy ride in the treatment of acutes, my recommendation is to give your doses quite frequently to start with if the situation is quite intense, ie there is shock, pain, bleeding – hourly or even every 10 minutes for up to 5 doses.

Once things settle down you can reduce to 2 hourly and then 3 or 4 times a day if you feel the same remedy is still required.

For bruising or broken bones you may need to repeat remedies like Arnica for a few days up to a week or more.

If you need to continue doses for a few days then a 6x, 6c or 30c can be given three or 4 times a day or 200c once or twice a day. It all depends on the intensity of the situation.

More is not better in homeopathy. We want to observe the situation and dose as required to keep the immune system (vital force/energy body) doing it’s healing work. It just needs a little encouragement with the stimulation provided by each dose.

Remember, you may have limited supplies so you need to preserve and use efficiently what you have. Putting your dose in a water bottle and using this to provide doses can be a good way of extending your remedies.

How much do I give and how often?

Nil by mouth

If you have a situation where you suspect the patient may need surgery and should have nil by mouth then drops can be a better option. You can put the drops on the pulse points, top of the head or around the lips, if you would prefer to give nothing at all by mouth just in case.

If you have pilules you can put 1 or 2 pilules in ¼ glass of water or in a water bottle, stir vigorously or shake, then do the same as above. If that’s not possible, just crush a pilule and apply where it seems appropriate.

Remember we are working with something that has a unique energetic frequency or resonance, so it works differently to a pharmaceutical drug. The remedy works dynamically to bring balance to the system, which is why it will often work quickly.

Buy a Kit

While we have listed single remedies and some combinations below, we have a great range of kits which you might find a good starting point. You can’t always know what you need, so our Home Kit 28 or 46 Remedies may be a good place to begin and covers many of the things you will be faced with in a family.

Home Kit – 28 Remedies

Home Kit – 46 Remedies

Or have a look at our kit range here including our range of Pick Your Own Packs, where you can build your own kit.

If you’re not sure, please contact us with your requirements.

I would urge you not to leave your purchase until the last minute. With the rapidly evolving covid situation we saw people caught short because they hadn’t bought a kit and needed remedies straight away! We can’t always rely on being able to buy online and shipping services have been unreliable over the past months!

Choose a first aid remedy

Click on the link for a brief list of which remedy to use in which situation. This a quick reference; there are no doubt going to be more but these are the most frequently indicated remedies.

Mini Repertory of remedies – find a likely first aid rremedy.

These are suggestions which you will need to reference with the Home Remedy Notes – also linked here, or another homeopathic home prescriber book.

Download somewhere or print and save with your kit.

You may find that more than one remedy is required from this list.

Either alternate the remedies or add your selection to a water bottle, shake and take a sip as the dose.

If the worst should happen …

There are some scenarios that we don’t really want to consider, but which are frequently referred to on some of the social media channels. I can’t write a whole lot but I’ve put a little list at the bottom and in the mini repertory with some remedy suggestions.

Remember to give a remedy that matches the picture the patient is presenting and not the “name of the disaster or event”. We treat the person, not the diagnosis or event.


Aconite  –  Ailments after a mental shock eg bad news, witnessing an accident

Shock, fright and anxiety are prominent often with great fear (sometimes of dying) and restlessness. Any symptoms that date from a terrifying experience, eg assault, bombing, earthquake, etc. Panic attacks after fright. Expects to die any minute. Palpitations, nightmares. Symptoms are sudden, acute, intense and painful. Heart attack, stroke. Snake bite. Very high fevers with dry burning heat or drenching sweat with unquenchable thirst. Useful at first sign of cold, cough, earache etc especially after exposure to cold dry wind. Very thirsty for cold drinks.

For heart attack, stroke, snakebite – give while waiting for the ambulance to reduce damage to cardiac system and to calm the patient. Apply externally (see above) if you are unsure about what will be required at the hospital.

Better open air.  Worse around midnight.

Anas Barb (Oscillococcinum) 200c –Anti-v & anti-bac affinity. If taken at first sign of cold, flu or other viral symptoms, may prevent­ a bad bout. Use as part of your treatment for colds & flu with indicated remedies. Can also be taken every one or two weeks during winter as a preventative­! Useful for kids in childcare or new to school who pick up everything going. Useful to finish up a cold or flu where energy and appetite are low and a cough lingers.

Antimonium Tartaricum – Issues in the lungs with great accumulation of mucous. Breathing is difficult, with rattly, wet, chesty breathing and very little expectoration, especially in small babies. Older patients become increasingly weak and drowsy and there may be nausea and vomiting. Feels/sounds as if would suffocate, coughing & gasping. Cold, clammy with fever. Tongue coated, pasty, thick white.

Apis Mellifica – Sting of bees, wasps, jellyfish, etc, with much heat, stinging and swelling. Skin may appear rosy red and shiny. Allergies, reactions to stings, certain foods or medicines, hives, respiratory issues and inflammation.

Anything with a lot of swelling, heat, stinging – cystitis, shingles, boils, puffy or red eyes, earache or tonsillitis, fluid retention. Patient is often fearful, tearful, excitable, touchy.  May not want to be touched – especially children. Aversion to drinking.

Worse heat, touch, pressure.  Better cool drinks/packs

ArnicaFirst remedy after accident or injury to reduce shock, bleeding and bruising. For swelling, soreness, broken bones (follow with Symphytum 200c and Calc Phos 6x or use our Broken Bones & Fractures Combination), slipped disc, spinal injury (follow with Hypericum 200c). For shock, trauma, violence to mind or body, bleeding of small wounds. Sprains, strains, over-exertion. Useful following surgery to assist with bruising and bleeding. Sore, bruised, aching pain. Don’t want to be touched or assisted. Will often say they feel fine despite serious injury. Very restless. For fish hooks and similar wounds (with Hypericum) especially those which require stitching. Threatened abortion from a fall, soreness of body during pregnancy.

Worse touch, being jarred.  Better lying down.

If in doubt, always use Arnica as your initial first aid remedy.  

Arsenicum Album  – Extremely anxious and restless. Fears being alone, anxiety about health, fussy and difficult to please. Very thirsty for frequent sips. Burning, cramping pains and discharges – vomiting and diarrhea, abdominal distress. Food poisoning, headaches, asthma, sore throats. May feel cold.

Worse midnight to 2am, cold food and drink. Better heat, hot drinks and food, company­, fresh air (headaches).

Belladonna – Sudden onset with throbbing, sharp, cutting or shooting pains, burning radiating heat, very high fever, bright redness, restlessness and dilated pupils. Lethargic or hyper, delirious, striking and biting. Sunburn, heat stroke with headache and fever, minor burns. Headaches which are hammering, bursting, from too much sun.  First stage of ear infection with red, hot ear, sore throats, fever.  Usually no thirst. (Aconite – more anxious and fearful of death, more thirsty).

Worse touch, light, noise, being jarred, draughts to head, night. Better warmth

Bryonia – is used for situations where there is dryness, pain and irritability. It can be helpful to help relieve dry, painful coughs, where pain is worse for coughing and any movement, even moving the eyes or breathing deeply. It may also be helpful for headaches, joint and other pains which are worse for movement and is useful for the pain of broken bones. The patient is typically very irritable and thirsty for cold drinks when unwell.

Worse deep breathing, hot room, dry weather, movement, touch. Better pressure & lying on painful part.

Calendula – Useful for treatment of lacerated and suppurating, raw, open and inflamed wounds. Known traditionally for its antiseptic powers. May help control bleeding from a wound and soothe wound pain. Promotes healthy healing of wounds and ulcers and may help resolve scar tissue. Can be used alongside antibiotics if required. Wounds that don’t heal.

Cantharis – Burns with blistering, bites and stings with blistering. May help the pain following a burn and help promote healing. Sunburn, insect bites all with blisters. Burning pain in the affected area with other symptoms.

Worse movement, drinking, urination Better lying down, warmth, night

Carbo Veg – known traditionally as “the corpse reviver” this remedy acts upon the venous circulation assisting with oxygenation of the blood.  Useful in collapse states where the patient is almost lifeless; air hunger, drowning, asthma attacks and useful for smoke inhalation. Wants to be fanned.

Worse from warmth Better being fanned, elevating the feet, loosening clothing.

Calendula – Useful internally or topically (as a cream or drops) for wounds, sores, burns and scalds. Promotes scar tissue and helps with inflammation and infection.

Ceanothus – Enlarged spleen following radiation exposure.

China – Ill effects of dehydration, loss of vital fluids, blood loss, food poisoning. Patient is very weak after illness. Wind & bloating of abdomen generally, not better from belching. Drenching sweats at night, flu with debility, periodic fevers. These people often have creative thoughts & big imaginations and illness may follow over stimulation or too much thinking.

Worse in foggy or cold damp weather, autumn.from touch. Aversion to touch. Better from hard pressure.

Cocculus – a simple remedy for motion sickness, ailments from loss of sleep and conditions which feel like sea sickness with vertigo and nausea.

Better on lying down. Worse loss of sleep, smell or thought of food.

Gelsemium – Any condition where there is heaviness, weakness, drowsiness. Could be an acute or it might be after a shock. Trembling, chills & heat up & down spine, flu symptoms with aching muscles. Nervous excitement & paralysis before events such as public speaking, exams with frequent urination or diarrhoea. Symptoms after shock or fright.

Worse anticipation, humid weather, surprises. Better urination, sweating.

Hepar Sulph Over-sensitive is a keynote on all levels. Very painful, inflamed wounds. Good for inflammation which is slow to resolve – wounds, abscess, etc.  Angry, irritable, speedy – very difficult when sick. Very chilly. Splinter-like pain anywhere, as if swallowed a fish bone or pin.

Better warmth of bed, heat, wrapping up. Worse getting cold, at night, touch, pressure.

Hypericum “Arnica for the Nerves” Crush injuries, lacerations of fingers, tips; painful penetrating wounds; may have spasms from the injury. Shooting pain along the nerves. Wounds which are excessively painful. Surgical pain, forceps delivery, dental work. Falls on spine or coccyx, concussion, episiotomy. Bites or stings (snakes, spiders – after Aconite), wounds caused by nail or splinter with pains as above. May require a 200c potency but use what you have in an emergency.

Worse movement, touch, cold air

Ignatia – Acute emotions after death of partner, relative or friend, stillbirth, ending a relationship or disappointment of some sort. Patient may be hysterical or silent with sighing, trembling or tears. May present physically as spasmodic, cramping pains or contradictory symptoms.

Worse cigarette smoke, coffee, guilt, worry Better eating, keeping busy, walking

Ipecac – Persistent nausea and/or vomiting on its own or with other conditions. Migraine headaches with severe nausea and vomiting. Vomiting does not relieve. Morning or travel sickness. Bleeding especially uterine hemorrhage or heavy periods.

Worse food, smell of food, cold Better warmth, lying with eyes closed

Ledum –  Puncture wounds, eg rusty nails, insect stings, animal bites; bruises, eye injuries especially where infection is a risk. Feel intensely cold, as does injured part, but better by cold applications and does not want to be covered. Pain tends to travel upwards. Affinity for capillaries (bloodshot, bruised or black eyes). Parts become blue, purple and puffy. Weakness, numbness or twitching of part. Always seek medical care for an open wound.

Worse warmth, at night Better cold applications

Merc Sol – Like a barometer­, changeable, uncertain­. Offensive breath, sweat, discharges, which may burn. Yellowish-green, burning discharges. Metallic taste, profuse saliva, bleeding­ gums. Ulcers in mouth, throat, genitals­, etc. Easily overheated­/chilled. Drenching night sweats. Earache with discharge, mumps, sore throat, sinus, tonsillitis, rheumatism.

Worse Night, temperature changes, sweating. Better Rest.

Nat Mur – Headaches, hay-fever, cold sores, cracked lips, stress incontinence & difficulty falling asleep. Crave salty, fatty or sour food, may be averse to slimy food, fatty or rich. Strong thirst. There is often deep sadness after loss or death, which lingers and impacts the health. Very closed people, difficult to get to know. Fear of robbers, closed spaces, germs.

Worse from the sun, from the sea (or sometimes better), fatty food, consolation. Better cold, rest, deep breathing, fasting.

Nat Sulph – Important for head injury and concussions, along with Arnica as the first remedy. Where brain damage or bleeding into the brain are suspected. Also useful for some types of spinal injury.

Nux Vomica – Over-sensitive­ to external stimuli. Worn out and irritable from overwork­ or ill from excess coffee, alcohol, rich food, drugs. Constant urge to vomit or empty bowels, but can’t. Asthma, hangovers, constipation (often from being away from home), palpitations­, insomnia. Type A personalities, very irritable especially if sleep is affected.

Worse morning­, loss of sleep, stimulants, noise, light, 3-5am. Better Resting, hot drinks, milk, fats.

Phosphorus – Anxious, excitable, fearful (being alone, dark, death, storms). Acute fear where Aconite does not help, especially of thunderstorms. Wants company. Irritable and sluggish when ill, apathetic, energy flares up and subsides to exhaustion again. Wounds which bleed freely (internal or external), gush bright red blood, blood noses. Electrocution. Use following surgery if there is bleeding or a reaction to anaesthetic with dizziness. Vomiting especially when given cold water. May be helpful for smoke inhalation if the picture fits. Very thirsty.

Better after sleep, cold drinks, massage. Worse cold, change of weather.

Pulsatilla – Lots of mucous, thick, yellow or yellow-green, bland. Coughs dry at night & loose morning, ear aches, upset tummies. Fever, coughs, colds, breastfeeding problems, styes, thrush, varicose veins. Affectionate, timid, clingy, whingy people/kids. Changeable moods & symptoms. Cry easily, desire company.

Worse rich, fatty food, getting feet wet, evening. Better company, fresh air, cold food & drink, after crying.

Rhus Tox – Following accidents and injuries especially to the back or from overuse of a limb which is stiff on first movement and better for continued motion. A good remedy for acute flare ups of arthritis and similar, with stiffness. Usually restless. Abscesses, boils, sprains and strains to fibrous tissue and joints, hot painful swelling of joints.

Better for warm applications, hot baths, movement Worse cold wet weather, before a storm, at night, getting chilled or wet after being hot

Ruta Grav – Good for damage to periosteum or tendons. Useful in connective tissue problems. Horrible stiffness and soreness felt in muscles and tendons. Injuries to connective tissue, tendons and periosteum (covering of bones), from strains or twisting of joints. Acute bursitis and tendonitis, often with effusion. Injuries to forehead, shins; bones close to surface. Patient is usually restless. Often used with or after Arnica. If you cannot choose between Ruta and Rhus Tox you can alternate or better still use RRA (Rhus Tox, Ruta, Arnica 30c combination)

Worse over-exertion, touch, cold, damp. Better lying down, warmth, motion.

Silica – Injuries that are inflamed and often full of pus. Can be used alongside antibiotics if necessary. May help to expel foreign objects such as splinters by producing pus and then erupting, abscess, boils, styes. For wounds that are slow to heal. Ailments after immunisation. Patient is very cold.

Worse drafts, open air, storms, immunisation Better wrapping up warmly

Staphysagria – This is a remedy for abuse or rape in sweet, gentle patients who cannot stand up for themselves & suffer quiet indignation or anger about a person or situation. Cystitis, urethritis, with frequent urging for urine, often worse after sex. Headaches from anger, grief, emotions generally. Styes on eyelids. Abdominal colic from anger or which dates from surgery.

Worse after surgery from indignation, shame, intervention.

Symphytum – Cartilage or bone injuries, periosteal injuries, fractures which fail to heal (with Calc Phos). Use for broken bones and fractures but do not use until the bone has been set as it has a reputation for being very fast acting. Use in 200c and accompany with Arnica for bruising and bleeding, and Calc Phos 6x (twice a day for one month or more) to assist with calcium uptake to the break and rebuilding of bone tissue. Helpful for bone pain. Affinity for eye pain following a blow.

Urtica Urens – Minor burns that sting, burn and possibly itch. An unusual symptom is that the burn may feel worse for cold water. (Consider Cantharis for more serious burns, Causticum for chemical burns, and Phosphorus for electrical burns.)

Worse for cold water.

Veratrum Album – Use for severe and violent vomiting and/or diarrhea. Cold drinks may be vomited immediately after taking. Collapse after diarrhea with exhaustion. Increased salivation with great thirst. Coldness is a keynote symptom – breath, tongue & skin, etc with icy cold sweat.

Worse after eating fruit, exertion, drinking. Better warmth, hot food.

S.O.S. – Our own version of Rescue Remedy but more appropriate for the experiences of the 21st century. Useful for shock, trauma, after accidents, or for hyper, excitable children. Anxiety before an event, such as the dentist or exams. Apply in drop form to bites, stings, bruises, etc.

TS Acutes – A standard tissue salt combination which is useful for the first sign of anything in the way of acute illness, where you’re not sure if they are or they aren’t going to get sick. Given early it may head things off.

Combination Remedies

We have a wide range of combination remedies in our online store and a choice of kits which can be useful to have on hand. These can include both single and combination remedies if you want to tailor your own kit.

The most useful for first aid situations would be:

Ouchy for bumps, bruises, bites, wounds, etc

RRA for sprains, strains, aches and pains, and bumps and bruises as a result of an accident, injury or overexertion.

Bites & Stings Any wound or injury (even if not a bite or a sting) with stinging pain or which looks like the patient has been bitten/stung. So could be useful for hives from contact with something toxic or cystitis, with stinging and burning.

Broken Bones & Fractures Speaks for itself. Only caution is not to give this remedy unless the bone is set correctly as it can work rapidly!

SOS is our version of Rescue Remedy and can be useful to have on hand for situations where emotions are heightened, such as fear, shock, fright, anxiety. For all life’s little dramas!

But there are many more combinations which may be appropriate, depending on your living situation, leisure pursuits and environment.

If the worst should happen …

This is a list of more specific situations and indicated remedies. There may be more and you may find more indepth information on line. This is really a primer to build your knowledge.

Remember to give a remedy that matches the picture the patient is presenting and not the “name of the disaster or event”. We treat the person, not the diagnosis or event.

Please note; some of these remedies may not be available in the online store due to regulations. Our intention is to make a small pack available which will be accessible via link. Please contact us if you are interested.

Shock & trauma after a disaster

Aconite – Shock, panic, fear. The idea that “I will die any minute”, racing heart, insomnia, jumpiness.

Ars Alb – Debilitating insecurity, particularly following loss of insecurity, fear.

Ignatia – Raw grief, hysterical, weeping or in denial and sighing.

Nat Mur – Bottle up grief, carrying on, helping others, denial.

Phos Ac – Worn out and run down by grief and stress. No feelings, no energy.

Staphysagria – Victims but smile sweetly, rape, abuse.

Stramonium – Terror after being in a dangerous or frightening situation and going there again. Dread of darkness, must have the light on. Nightmares.

Explosions & Gunshots

Obviously first aid will be required for any wound immediately to stop bleeding and to prevent infection. You can use remedies even if you are able to access a hospital ED or field hospital. Read ‘nil by mouth’ above first, but in an emergency just give!

Arnica – Always the first remedy for physical and mental shock, bruising and bleeding, hemorrhage. Helps to promote healing and avoid infection. Give this if you don’t know what to give initially. It will buy you time.

Calendula – A useful remedy for healing, soothing and for infection and inflammation. Use homeopathically or use topically.

China – if bleeding is profuse.

Gunpowder – Useful for infection and to prevent boils and abscesses developing in cuts and wounds.

Hypericum – Severe pain, nerve pain.

Ledum – One of our most important remedies to help avoid certain types of infection! Always useful for an open wound and anywhere the skin has been punctured, eg shrapnel.

Nat Sulph – Head injury, concussion along with Arnica.

Ouchy combination would definitely be useful in this situation.

Chemical Disaster & Poisoning

Follow usual accident and emergency protocols depending on whether the chemical is airborne or ingested. The first steps are going to be first aid management, then remedies.

Aconite, Arnica – To manage shock and trauma and to encourage the healing process.

Allium cepa – Nose and eyes stream from an irritant. Burning discharge from the nose, bland discharge from the eyes. A good remedy for effects of tear gas or similar. (Also consider Euphrasia.)

Ars Alb – (has a very strong fear of poisoning) Fear, breathing difficulties, weakness, following chemical exposure.

Cantharis – May be useful for major blisters, burns and similar.

Euphrasia – Irritated streaming eyes and nose. Effects of tear gas.

Ipecac – Nausea, vomiting, not better for vomiting.

Sulphur – For affected skin, rash, etc.

Urtica Urens – For minor blisters, burns and other rashes.

Verat A – Violent vomiting with cold sweats.

Use the chemical in potency if available.

Biological Disasters

These diseases listed are examples, but the remedies can be quite similar and if you read some of the old materia medica you can become familiar with the picture and the required remedies. Many of these diseases go through particular stages and we would change the remedy as the stages change.


Anthr*x has been around a long time and prior to antibiotics was managed with homeopathics.

Suggested remedies ” the disease nosode” if available, Ars Alb and Secale.


Pl*gue was again managed with homeopathics in the past.

As with Anthr*x, the disease nosode if available, Ars Alb, Crot H, Ignatia, Lachesis, Phosphorus, Pyrogen, Tarent C

Some of you may recognise this list as applying to how C9 originally presented and some of the remedies which were recommended initially.

Sm*ll P*x

This has again been discussed recently as a possibility and is highly infectious. These remedies will be similar for M/Pox.

Ant Tart – early stages.

Crot H – Malignant, hemorrhagic.

Merc Sol – Pustular stage.

Sarracenia purpurea – has been much talked about recently.

The “disease nosode” to avoid getting it but also as a support.

Other Infectious Diseases

I have only talked about those diseases currently being discussed. It changes week to week and the best option is firstly to avoid the stress of all of this (!!) and to build a strong immune system with good nutrition, not too many supplements (save them for if you really need them), fresh air, laughter and hugs. 🙂

Homeopaths have been supporting people for over 200 years for a wide range of these types of events, which were obviously very prevalent in the days before vaccines. We have a solution for most things which come up and no doubt there will be more fearporn in the coming months and years!!!

Radiation Exposure

With radiation exposure the danger is that you have no immediate indication that you have had a high level dose. Onset can be slow from a few days to three weeks. Good iodine levels in the thyroid are the key to protection and many people say that diet, such as high levels of iodine rich foods (eg seaweed) were protective in past events. The linings of the gut can be severely damaged in the process. This is something worth investigating for additional support with foods such as kelp, aloe vera and miso. Buckwheat, calendula herb and ginseng are also suggested.

The symptoms of radiation sickness vary depending on how much radiation the person has absorbed. Initial symptoms usually include nausea and vomiting, followed by lack of appetite, diarrhea, dehydration, headache and fever. Most people exposed to radiation also suffer some skin damage, similar to sunburn, hemorrhages under the skin and bleeding from the nose, gums or mouth. Dizziness, disorientation, hair loss and anemia may also appear immediately after intense exposure or as much as four weeks after a mild exposure.

You may see from the above that some of our standard homeopathics are going to fit the bill and there is much information on their long use in clinical practice for things like radiation exposure (eg Chernobyl), medical radiation over-dosing and similar.

Dr Grimmer, a Chicago homeopath who passed away in 1967, was writing during the Cold War and suggested Arnica and Phosphorus as two remedies to carry when under such a threat and these will be useful if this is what you have. See more suggestions below.

Radiation General Protection

Take our Radiation Mix once a week. This is a combination of the most commonly indicated remedies plus the Narayani Atomic Radiation remedy.

Repeat for several weeks until danger of exposure has passed.

After an Event

The Radiation Mix can be taken as often as three times daily immediately after exposure, then once a week once initial danger is past. See the list of other indicated remedies for specific symptoms if they arise.

Ongoing support against Radioactive Iodine

We know that in order to protect the thyroid we must have adequate levels of iodine already present in the system. Kelp in natural or tablet form and other sea vegetables should form a regular part of the diet in such times. However, this may be insufficient following an event and because the danger will likely be present indefinitely in the area, the use of Kali Iod may support the thyroid until evacuation is possible. It may be used alongside potassium iodide supplementation to enhance uptake.

Kali Iod 6x can be taken during exposure to radio-iodine. This can be helpful for those who are in danger of heavy exposure following an event and have no access to potassium iodide in any form.
Radiation Detox – to help release toxins from the system. May be helpful in combination with detox baths including baking soda, epsom salts, salt, etc – there’s a wealth of information online so pick your favourite and write it down somewhere handy.

Other useful remedies following radiation exposure

Arnica – Shock and bruising immediately.

Ars Alb – Nausea, retching, vomiting after eating and drinking. Prostration, weakness. Extreme anxiety and fear, restlessness.

Cadmium Sulph: Useful for radiation therapy. Exhaustion, prostration, icy cold with nausea and vomiting, anorexia, weight loss, hair loss.

Calc Fluor 6x – useful as a tissue salt to protect the thyroid and bones and reduces radiation exposure risk.

Nat Mur – Useful for toxic exposure generally and 6x is a good potency. Protects the thyroid and supports the mental health of an individual, particularly in relation to long term grief around an event.

Nux Vomica – The most common remedy. Violent vomiting, intense nausea, craves cold drinks which are vomited after a little while. Anxious and melancholic, likely irritable.

Phosphorus – For damage to capillary circulation and later on the blood, plus it is a remedy for deep burns which may ulcerate.

Rad Brom – Radiation burns

Radiation Mix – For ongoing effects of radiation fallout – once a week

Radiation Detox – to help the system clear and recover.


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What else do I need in my kit

  • Spare bottles of some kind to make up liquid dosing bottles. Could just be drink bottles or similar.
  • Clean water, so a water filter of some sort is essential.
  • Alcohol to preserve the bottles you make up if you are in a hot climate or your water is not super clean. Vodka, brandy or food grade ethyl alcohol are ideal. If you don’t have this, keep an eye on your bottles for ‘floaties’ and do the best you can!
  • Paper in the form of small envelopes or fold them yourself to give a few doses away to friends and neighbours.
  • Extra labels.

How to make up a dosing bottle or glass

If you don’t have alcohol to preserve, your dosing bottle won’t last long, so a small dropper bottle is all you will need. If you have no refrigeration and are in a hot climate you may be making up dosing bottles for people every day or two.

You could just use any old bottle, but you won’t need to make a lot of liquid remedy unless you will be sharing among a lot of people, eg Arnica or Aconite for shock/trauma or a radiation remedy. This is how remedies have traditionally been dispensed through many of the free homeopathic clinics in countries like Africa.

  • Put 4 drops or 1 pilule of your remedy (one or more remedies are fine if you want to combine) in 1/4 glass of water (our standard recommendation, but also a full glass or a bottle). The quantity doesn’t need to be exact and this amount of remedy is enough for any size glass or bottle. It’s about quality, not quantity!
  • Stir vigorously with a teaspoon or shake the bottle. This activates the remedy in the water and makes the water your remedy. NB: the pilules won’t dissolve.
  • Give 1 teaspoon or a sip/mouthful as directed. Homeopathy is about quality, not quantity so it doesn’t need to be exact for an acute situation.
  • Before the next dose stir or shake vigorously again.
  • Cover your glass in between doses.
  • If you want to use for several days, add some alcohol (brandy, vodka 15%) if you have it available.

Always seek medical help in an emergency.



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