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Practising Discernment

As I watch the world turn and listen to my clients and see what’s happening on social media, it’s clear that we all need to practice some form of discernment over what we believe and what we don’t, how we choose to live our lives and who we want to follow and associate with.

Part of this practice of discernment needs to be an awareness of our own sovereignty and what this means for us and how we stand in this powerful energy of our true and higher self.

Generally the term sovereignty is associated with the supreme power or authority of a state or government. But here I’m referring to our personal, spiritual and energetic sovereignty, so our own authority over our whole self, our personal power. This is a place where we stand in our own energy, firmly grounded and with strong boundaries, all critical elements in establishing and maintaining our personal sovereignty, just as if we were the ruler of a mini kingdom, which really is a good way of thinking about it.

Many of us spend a lot of our time being out of control of ourselves and our lives, listening to others for the information that is important in making our decisions and living our lives. We are living in a world of transactions. How to be, what to be, what to become, what to keep, what to throw away, what to buy and how to achieve it all.

I’m not suggesting in any way that we need to or can become the expert of everything in our mini kingdom, but we do need to pick through the mass of information we’re fed to choose what’s true, what comes from a place of integrity rather than profile or profit, and what is right for us personally.

We are all individual and unique. Our needs and our vision of our lives are all different. There is no one size fits all, as was illustrated recently when buying a harness for my puppy. XS is not XS in all designs and all brands, and that’s how life is. We cannot take things on face value, we have to measure and compare what we are offered, but more than that we need to probe through the marketing that is in every aspect of our lives, read all the labels and ask all the questions in a philosophical sense as well as mental, emotional and physical.

But more than that we need to begin to connect with our intuition, our internal knowing, our gut feeling, and our spiritual intelligence. Honestly they are likely all the same thing; a connection to our higher selves, where we can tap into our inner guidance and the wisdom of our life and the lives of the past and of earlier generations, a skill we have forgotten in this crazy, busy world.

I’m sure we’ve all been caught out at one time or another by purchasing something that was skillfully marketed to us. If any of you are old enough you might remember the guys with their sales patter selling the knives or the saucepans you cannot live without, and perhaps you even got excited and bought a set, only to get them home and find they were a load of rubbish.

It’s very easy to become sucked into the same scenario not just with physical shopping but with being marketed a course or being convinced to sign up for a workshop or podcast, to part with your money. Life these days is shiny, shiny, shiny but that shiny can begin to corrode rapidly or maybe it’s hidden under a quick touch up job to mask something that is not so pretty.

What I do find concerning is where we follow someone online because we like their content. In the beginning what they share and post is great, inspiring and aligning with your own core beliefs. But as time goes on maybe they change or we change and we need to be mindful of this and pick a point where we have both digressed and no longer fit.

Something else to watch out for is that if you’re not fully aware and awake you may not realise that you are starting to become sucked into the personal stuff (or perhaps someone elses stuff shared as their own) that makes up their sharings. You may begin to engage in the energy of the mindless comments made by other followers, but even more concerning, you may unwittingly be carried on a stream of change in a direction that is not necessary right for you, but it carries you along to a place you don’t want to be or doesn’t fit your integrity. All of this can be an energetic invasion of your personal space and your sovereignty, undermining your beliefs or shaping them in a way that does not come from a place of truth.

Perhaps that makes me sound cynical, but in being the witness or the observer to our own lives and thoughts, standing back and just considering what we are being served up, we can figure out or discern what is truth. If we just let ourselves float along on the stream of commentary or information, without questioning or discerning what is truth, what is of a high level and what is right for us, we may end up taking on more than we realise.

It’s not only on the physical plane that we can attract sharks or burglars or charlatans. This happens online and in the light too, and by practising discernment in everything we come into contact with, from what ingredients are in that packet of soup to whether the content of a course sits well with our integrity is essential. And by doing this as often as we can maintain our awareness, we’re not giving out too much or giving more than we receive, we don’t receive more than we bargained for and we maintain our own energetic integrity and sovereignty.

So the first step is recognising that we need to consider what is out there, as well as what is in here, in our heads, in our hearts and in our energy field. Then it is a process of using all of our senses to decide what is right for you, who you’re going to listen to and follow, and how you are going to deal with anything that doesn’t sit well with you. And we should also be aware that we can become addicted to the experience of experiencing!

Dean has followed Mooji, a spiritual teacher for many years. I’ve dipped in from time to time, but only recently started to listen more regularly because I began to find that a lot of the meditations and podcasts I followed felt like they were adding more noise to what was already going on around me and in my head, just from living a normally busy life. Whether you resonate with the path of St Germain, are a staunch Catholic or a Buddhist, what Mooji says and shares should sit well regardless. Simple, beautiful teachings that anyone can integrate into their daily lives if it resonates.

One of his longer podcasts, The Power of True Seeing, I found particularly insightful. While the object of his teaching is to find inner peace and to find connection with a higher power, whatever you choose to call this, it’s obviously necessary to go through a process to do this. In the West where we are bombarded with noise, information and continual stimulation this can be hard to do. Yes, we can sit in our sacred space and empty our minds, find the stillness, watch the thoughts pass like clouds, but how do we do this in everyday life out in the real world.

Firstly, we need to understand that it’s easy to give in to the mind. Anyone who has suffered anxiety or depression knows this! But you are not your mind; it’s a part of us which we need to train to recognise who is in charge. And this extends to who we identify as. because the identity we have created over our lifetime – our habits, our likes and dislikes, how we present ourself to the world – means we really are living an illusion. This is not our real self, but something we have created and there are reasons for this. It may be that the layers are so deep or the colours so bright, we can’t even tell who we really are underneath. And if we are living an illusion, we are not standing in our sovereignty and shining our true light.

Once we begin to practice real discernment we may find that people are intimidated by our preferences, they may not like what we are choosing for our life and this can be hard. Certainly this was a very big issue during the covid years and I had the opportunity to speak with a family member recently where what she discerned as being right for her own family, didn’t sit well with the extended family and had caused a rift. That’s hard, but we need to stay strong if our heart tells us what we are doing is right for us.

We need to question whether what we desire or what we are presented with is actually needed. Is it necessary, does it add value to our lives, can we live without it? We need to keep checking in on this. This isn’t a once a week question, but a frequent question. Do I need this in my life, do I need it?!

We need to stabilise ourselves, ground ourselves, strengthen our boundaries and as we do that and as we keep checking on what is coming into our energy field not only will we find that there are not so many things to control, but life will become more simple and we should find more of a sense of being in our stillness.

As we practise this checking in, this discernment, we narrow down our focus to what is important, we begin to have tunnel vision in a healthy way. When our vision is broad and wide we can feel stressed and anxious because there are too many concepts to consider and manage and as we narrow it down we begin to see which of these concepts are actually useful.

Certainly life is not going to be calm and still the minute we start to change our experience and our practices, and the mind, as the seat of the ego, is an interesting life-mate, very quick to jump in with chatter and advice built on our old familiar patterns. So there will be resistance at times to this new pared-down way of looking at life and living.

The voice of the ego is often louder and noisier and more dominant than the still small voice of our higher self and this can be difficult if we’re put in a position of having to stand in our light and in our sovereignty when challenged. And yes it can cause separation and distance from people who may have been in our life forever.

But again, we need to discern whether we are associating with these people from habit or perhaps because they bring some negative energy that we are unwittingly connecting with, such as a few laughs, a little judgement or criticism, some sexist or racist comments or jokes over a few wines or a beer. I’m sure you get where I’m coming from and we’ve all done it at some time or other I’m sure. Again, grounding ourselves, reminding ourselves of our worth and standing in the light helps manage these situations, particularly if they are unavoidable necessities of life such as a family birthday or work event. It can be easy to be swept up in these lower energies if we are not careful.

Being conscious makes use of the mind to serve ourselves, not the other way around. In other words, don’t let the mind control you, let it serve you. We listen to our mind, to all the thoughts going on in our head and we believe it all. But mind comes from the ego, from illusion and we know where our minds can take us if we aren’t watching. It can be like a runaway train. Take a breath and stand in that stillness, even if it’s just for a few seconds. Choose, practice discernment … what do you want to think, how do you want to live your life.

Your own silence and deepening is more important than your mind’s questions; Mooji

I often say this in these sorts of posts but we are already the masters, we’ve done this all before, we just need to remember, and by quietening the mind, stilling the voice of the ego, we can begin the process of finding ourselves and our truth. We need to realise that spiritual searching done with the mind is rarely satisfying if we put too much weight on achieving something and getting somewhere when you are already here!

As time goes on and as we journey further into becoming whole, we pay more and more attention to the sense of just being, and to do this we need to make choices, practice discernment, shut out the noise and step into our sovereignty.

I see you standing in your light and I honour your sovereignty,



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Melanie Creedy calls herself “just a homeopath” because homeopathy is actually her whole world; all day, every day! While she’s dipped her toe into a multitude of modalities, is a Reiki Master, Master Essence Maker, great with a pendulum and has a passion for gardening and machine embroidery, her first love will always be homeopathy.

Its breadth and depth continues to astound her; covering the emotions, the physical body, mental health and of course the spiritual/life path. The energetic resonance of the remedies, whether made physically in a homeopathic lab or energetically on a vibrational potentiser, touch the core and guide us on our journey of awakening to the life we have created and the life we desire.

Melanie has used homeopathy since the mid 1980s and has been in practice since 1998. For many years she ran The Children’s Ear Clinic in Western Australia, but since her tree change to Tasmania, has a special interest in women’s health. Her first love and passion however has always been helping individuals manage their journey on the spiritual path with homeopathy and her range of essences.

Melanie works with people using soul talk and soul listening and intuiting esoteric vibrational remedies to remove obstacles on the path. This can relate to physical, mental and emotional issues which are often part of our ‘soul choices’ for this lifetime. Her approach is simple but deep, grounded, thoughtful and pragmatic. Not too much airy-fairy-speak going on here, just a drawing together of the strings of your life. 

Melanie is a Licentiate of the British School of Homeopathy, holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Homeopathy), Diploma of Nutrition, Diploma of Yoga and she has been a Reiki Master since 1998.