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The Art of Manifestation

We’ve been through a tough few years since the major upheaval Covid brought to our world in 2020. This has impacted people’s ability to support themselves not just financially but also mentally and emotionally. Those difficult years have now morphed into some of the toughest years financially that many people have experienced, adding to the stress.

This is a blog that I have written in many different forms over about 20 years, because it is so relevant no matter what has been going on in our world and in our individual lives.

If you feel you never have enough of any of the things on the list below, this post may be relevant to you.

  • Time
  • Good Health
  • Money
  • Love
  • Self-worth
  • Success

You may already have worked on manifestation and creating abundance and been successful. Some people just have the knack!

I actually began writing from the perspective that absolutely everyone has heard of manifestation, creating abundance and the Law of Attraction. But then I got to thinking that maybe not everyone has or maybe not everyone is successful in their endeavours to create a different energy in their lives.

I started working with this concept nearly 25 years ago when things were tough for us. We had moved from the UK back to Perth, Western Australia, I was still studying, Dean was getting a business off the ground, we had a new baby and no money! On paper our finances were pretty dire, but in reality things didn’t feel too bad. We always had money, we were always able to make ends meet, buy what we needed, go on holiday and live reasonably well. However, like many people these days, what we didn’t have and couldn’t see having was a home of our home. I set out a five year plan and focussed on and off on my plan for a home. In that process we were already running retreats, teaching workshops – including on creating abundance – and generally leading our best life.

Many of you may already be experienced in creating abundance in your lives. Maybe you’re an expert in a particular aspect, for example getting the jobs you want and progressing on your career path, but find yourself unable to get pregnant, find a partner or you have a burning desire to travel to India but can’t get the money together. Sometimes we’re super good in some aspects, but rubbish in others!

For some of you it could be a new, and, I hope, life changing concept.

Even if you are familiar with the process, hopefully you will still take some little gem away from this post.

Assuming that some of you have already come across the concept that you can create your own life and circumstances, maybe you’re stuck in a place where you feel you have negative karma or ancestral issues to work through and you have an entrenched belief that things can never change for you!

One of the big beliefs I’ve come across is that there’s no point in working on manifestation because you have to believe in what you want to manifest and you know that deep down you can’t. Or maybe you just believe you’re not worthy of anything more!

But things can and will change if you just put in place some small and simple steps in your life.

The law of attraction – another term for manifesting what you need or want – is something we just need to understand and learn to use appropriately.

Let’s look at some basics

First up, we are all multi-dimensional beings and at this time we are evolving rapidly as we learn and grow.

We co-create our reality with those we are partnered with – be that parents, partners, children, work colleagues or even enemies. We draw towards us those individuals with whom we most need to connect and the things we most need to work with. We might call these soul contracts, but these contracts don’t have to last a lifetime and are not set in stone. We just need to realise this is something we’ve chosen perhaps only for a period of time – until the job is done – and that we can acknowledge we are done at some point and move on.

So the basic idea here is that “multi-dimensional” is about different levels of energy. Where we resonate depends on where we are working and our awareness, but the important fact is that we are beings of energy living in a world of energy.

Everything is energy!

We don’t only attract the good stuff, but if we have things we need to work through – karma, a blockage, lessons to learn, etc – then we will draw people to us who hold this energy as well. They are like the mirror in which we see our own reflection. In some cases this can be a self-perpetuating cycle and until we become aware of it and allow ourselves to move on, we can continue in this cycle with all of its challenges. We may end up stuck in a repeating vortex of energy.

It took me some time of working with manifestation to understand this concept of everything being energy. I started to work consciously with the law of attraction many years ago, when times were really tough financially and I was very unhappy in my life. Our income was variable, it never seemed enough, my practice was slow to get off the ground. Things felt pretty grim.

This was about ten years before ‘The Secret’ was published and took the world by storm, so I was reading quite esoteric books and trawling a very newborn internet. There wasn’t anything practical in place and most of the information was theoretical.

Gradually, over a number of years, I built my own thoughts and understanding around the process and gradually I began to see changes in my life. I started out manifesting the small things I needed like a parking space, a few extra patients, an item I needed being on sale and having the money. I worked up to manifesting almost anything I could imagine which included much improved finances, new friends, new interests and a very fulfilling life in deepest southern Tasmania!

With all that goes on in our lives we can sometimes experience a sense of desolation, that nothing is going to change and we have no power over our lives. But I’ve learned that this is definitely not the case and if you are patient and persistent you can reap the benefits of a strong and clear connection with Source.

It’s important to understand right here that “stuff” is also just energy, so manifesting is just about creating more energy in a form that you want and can use in the right place at the right time. You just need to be very clear and mindful of what you put out there.

Outlining what I want to manifest in my life has been an integral part of each year. Sometimes I do this once a year, often in December or January. Occasionally I will tweak it in the middle of the year, but I have noticed that the better I get at manifesting, the less often I focus specifically on it.

These days I don’t have a long list of things I want to attract like I used to, as I’ve manifested very successfully. As long as I write my personal guidelines and I offer them up to the Universe as a reminder each time things feel like they might be going off track, the process works well. Again it’s about having good boundaries and being clear on what you intend. And again you don’t need to believe you can manifest a new house or a new partner, you just need to remember it’s all energy.

You manage to manifest the stuff you don’t want, so why don’t you just turn that around and manifest the stuff you do want!

Empty out the rubbish, have a bit of a declutter physical or otherwise, and allow the fresh, new energy into that space.

Remember this is my story but in running many Prosperity Workshops over a number of years in Perth, we helped our participants open to their own dreams and realities through this dynamic process. You will no doubt make the process your own and find out what works for you as you go along, but never give up – I didn’t!

Self-worth & Manifestation

Feeling like you are not worthy to manifest what you dream of can seem like a major impediment to the process. I see many people with challenging situations, many of them financial, who just can’t seem to get ahead. Perhaps they don’t work with the power of manifestation, perhaps they don’t even know about it, but everyone can benefit from a little creative visualization and energy work to make life easier.

The circle of low self-worth and an inability to manifest can seem like an impossible cycle to break.

Seeing what you manifest as just another form of energy can make it less about being worthy and more about not creating enough energy.

I could see this in my own life once I gained an understanding of how it worked. Not only did I lack physical energy with depression, exhaustion and an inability to get my homeopathic practice off the ground in the early years, I was obviously lacking the energy of manifestation. My connection with Source was weak and I wasn’t sending a clear message about what I needed in my life because I didn’t understand how it worked.

Manifestation doesn’t need to be about greed. There can be a tendency to feel it’s greedy to ask for something like a holiday, a new car, even money to pay the bills, but again it’s only energy. I now look at people who are wealthy or hugely successful or famous and think that they weren’t just lucky or in the right place at the right time, they had the right thought processes, an ability to manifest and no holds barred! They may not have known about working with energy, but they were determined and they moved with the flow.

Making Space

We are each a container for energy. Sometimes though our container is not empty. It’s too full of our “stuff” to accept any more energy so while we try to attract more energy there’s no room until we let some things go. Often it’s full of the awful or negative stuff that happens in our life. That dark, heavy, endless energy that brings us down and holds us in that cycle.

Part of the process needs to be about decluttering on all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. This is healthy and important not just for manifesting, but also for a simpler life. We all have minds and lives full of clutter, phones too full of photos, desks and cupboards too full of things we’re keeping just in case. Sometimes the process of or intention behind starting to declutter will begin the process of creating more space in our lives to manifest what we are seeking.

Once we have decluttered and focused on what we don’t want in our life, we can begin to focus on what we do want. Through this focus we can expand ourselves consciously, in which case our energetic container expands and we can attract more energy to fill it. So this is why it’s important to empty the container, because you can’t put more into something that’s already full. You might attract a little good energy, but it is diluted by that old energy that you’re done with.

The Process of Creation

So while I talk about working with energy and clearing out old, negative energy to allow in the energy you want to attract, this can be a challenging concept to work with. Another way to think about it is that when we put our needs or desires out there we are connecting with and sending these requests to Source or the Universe. Part of the process of working with manifestation is to come up with your own idea of what you are doing yourself. Are you asking God, are you connecting with the Universe, are you just creating positive energy. Working through this is an important first stage as there will no doubt be some blocks you come up against.

My block was what a colleague called a “glass ceiling”. There was a point that I had evidently unconsciously decided was my point of maximum worth and I couldn’t get beyond that. Once I heard of and understood that concept things leapt forward!

Just like nature when it creates a baby from a single tiny cell, the Universe is entirely logical and it understands only the logic in your intent. It works from the point you give it and will follow any pointers you may lay down until it gets to the end.

 If you are not entirely decided about what you are trying to create or you make it too complex, the process may well take its own course.

This may not end up where you expect – or nothing at all will happen until you are clear and in alignment with what you are trying to create. The process is very simple, so don’t try to over complicate it.

There are many ways and many tools for creating what you desire in your life and no doubt the internet is full of suggestions, but really we make our lives fulfilled and successful by being in the moment and connecting with the flow of energy which is our inner guidance. The power of manifestation is very real and often very rapid. Certainly in recent months it has been a case of “think it and manifest it!”

Don’t overthink the process. You will be amazed at how powerful you are and what you can attract into your life.

I saw a sign in a shop the other day. “Electricity is just organized lightening.” This really says it all. You really can organize energy to change your world!

Remember you don’t have to believe – just to see/feel what you want in your life and act as if it is already in existence. As I say frequently, if you can just “be”, the calmness you create will also create a perfect container for all good things. And if we produce more for ourselves, we produce more to share/tithe and more energy to go around to support others as well.

Melanie Creedy calls herself “just a homeopath” because homeopathy is actually her whole world; all day, every day! While she’s dipped her toe into a multitude of modalities, is a Reiki Master, Master Essence Maker, great with a pendulum and has a passion for gardening and machine embroidery, her first love will always be homeopathy.
Its breadth and depth continues to astound her; covering the emotions, the physical body, mental health and of course the spiritual/life path. The energetic resonance of the remedies, whether made physically in a homeopathic lab or energetically on a vibrational potentiser, touch the core and guide us on our journey of awakening to the life we have created and the life we desire.
Melanie has used homeopathy since the mid 1980s and has been in practice since 1998. For many years she ran The Children’s Ear Clinic in Western Australia, but since her tree change to Tasmania, has a special interest in women’s health. Her first love and passion however has always been helping individuals manage their journey on the spiritual path with homeopathy and her range of essences.
Melanie works with people using soul talk and soul listening and intuiting esoteric vibrational remedies to remove obstacles on the path. This can relate to physical, mental and emotional issues which are often part of our ‘soul choices’ for this lifetime. Her approach is simple but deep, grounded, thoughtful and pragmatic. Not too much airy-fairy-speak going on here, just a drawing together of the strings of your life.
Melanie is a Licentiate of the British School of Homeopathy, holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Homeopathy), Diploma of Nutrition, Diploma of Yoga and she has been a Reiki Master since 1998