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HeartI wasn’t all that keen to have a list of testimonials on our website and I was going to leave this page out, however, some of the comments are interesting so Dean and I decided we’d share them as feedback rather than “testimonials”. Melanie

What are people saying?

These comments are all genuine, un-edited and are given by patients of Melanie Creedy and purchasers of Elements of Health products.  These people would be happy to confirm in writing their feedback was freely given. If you have purchased an item and would like to leave a comment or add some feedback about an experience, drop us an email and we’ll add you to the top of the list!

I’d also like to take this time to pass on my hugest appreciation and thanks for your products.  Living abroad and having an assortment of your remedies has been so unbelievably helpful and useful for my entire family. It’s the first thing I go to whenever illness or ailments strikes. And it’s always so comforting knowing that my cupboard is stocked well with your remedies. It’s a wonderful service you provide to your community. So, thank you and wishing you the safest and healthiest holiday season. ZT, PNG

Melanie has been a part of my life for many years now and she continues to be such a wonderful and steady support for myself and for my family as we navigate our way through life.

Melanie has always been able to provide the perfect remedy for us. She is wonderfully intuitive and has such an incredible knowledge of homeopathy, flower essences and of the human nature. She never ceases to amaze me with her ability to get to the bottom of whatever it is that is causing the imbalance, and will always choose the perfect remedy to align us back into the flow of life.

Her remedies keep my children healthy and well balanced as they continue to grow and develop, and they continue to support me on my own personal journey as a woman and as a wife and mother.  I am so grateful for having this gorgeous woman’s guidance, understanding and support in my life – Melanie thank you so much! JC, SA

As a long time user of homeopathy, I had previously dealt with a homeopath who preferred to treat an illness when it occurred, rather than head it off at the pass, as it were.  This year, I decided to try your Winter Prep and can confidently say it’s about the only winter I can remember where no-one had so much as even a sniffle. So I had a giggle when I read the line in your newsletter about winter depleting our supplies. For once, I thought to myself, “No, it hasn’t” and there’s only a few weeks to go. Thank you Melanie! DR, Qld

“Thank you for being available via email. You are truly remarkable.” SG from WA

“I’m getting better and better with being able to really fight things with the remedies, its starting to become more instinctive than reading for the right one. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I don’t have to resort to over the counter medicines or prescription drugs for my kids, they do catch things but are able to fight them really well and recover much quicker.” JH from WA

“J is still taking the remedies for his pain relating to his injuries and ops and it is so much better than traditional drugs and far more effective.” PP from WA

“Just thought I’d let you know about my travel kit’s adventures in America to visit my brother and his family (who were not familiar with homeopathics). I used some of remedies before I left the country; I was nervous, etc…. My brother had a hangover so he is now hooked on Nux Vomica, as are his workmates. He is also ready with Arnica for his next trip to the dentist. We also used various remedies for too many (US style) burgers, a tooth through a lip, itchy rashes and of course jet lag. Thanks for putting together such a great kit, and the info to go with it was also so helpful. No issues with customs etc…” AR Tasmania

We have a little dog which is a cross between a pomeranian and a chiquaqua, however you spell that! 🙂 Whenever she is a little under par, I give her a couple of Arnica 200c pills and she perks up immediately.

Another story I have is when mouth ulcers went through the Gaborone community and the children suffered terribly for 2 weeks, until the ulcers cleared up, as the doctors had no remedy for it. Our homeopath prescribed Merc Sol and it was cleared in a matter of 2 days. The second time it went through the community I gave T a dose as soon as we saw the first white dot and she didn’t suffer at all. IS, WA

Several years ago I suffered an auto-immune response to a bout of salmonella and was put on anti-inflammatory medication for six weeks. When I came off the medication, my symptoms returned so I sought out a homeopathic practitioner who cured me with one dose of a constitutional remedy. It felt like a miracle cure. More recently, son’s hearing issue was successfully resolved with a combined treatment of herbs and homeopathy, meaning we managed to avoid surgical implantation of grommets – not something we wanted him to endure at the age of two or three. Thanks to Melanie’s workshop, I now have a home remedy kit and regularly treat my children for minor ailments. Homeopathy is a fantastic, non-invasive approach to health issues – and it works. The proof is in the pudding…. EE Tasmania

I first met Melanie when I moved to Tasmania as she lives up the road from me and I was so excited as I have been using homeopathic medicine for myself and my animals and needed a new contact.

My husband bought me a Home Kit for Christmas a couple of years ago from Melanie and it has been invaluable. 

MC, Tasmania

My homeopathic experience actually started when I had a second family and conventional methods had failed my first. Homeopathy was a part of the changes in raising my family which also included a change in understanding nutrition, personalities and how our modern living affects our health. This combination of learning and understanding complemented the use of homeopathy which has been on hand when ever symptoms are identified. The simplicity of using homeopathy with children has been noted by friends and I have never had children kicking or screaming when being treated. Many of the animals we have, chickens & turkeys, goats, turtles, horses also respond well to homeopathy and are easy to treat, no big syringes full of gloop or chemicals, liquid measures needing to be dosed per size or breed of animal. I don’t have or need cupboards full of ointments or poisons or medicines that would be a danger should children get into it. The fascination of homeopathy at work is sure to be of interest to those who know that health is more than a pill or surface cream but a whole body experience of sensors, emotions, conditions, feelings and personality. AR, Qld

I couldn’t be happier with the attention and time Melanie has given to myself and my now almost 3 year old daughter. When I first introduced my daughter to cow’s milk based formula I noticed her colds and associated symptoms were much worse. Our regular GP was suggesting asthma medications. I was anxious about going down that track. A work colleague recommended Melanie and we haven’t looked back. Melanie’s treatments, patience and understanding and remedies have allowed us to avoid harsh medications and alleviated symptoms and reduced the periods of ongoing illness. I now have a reasonable supply of remedies that I can use when I notice illness coming on. In addition Melanie’s teething remedy has been a blessing – this is one remedy I try to have on hand at all times and ensure we don’t run out. J & M, Tasmania

My Journey with Homeopathics I am 63 years old and mine has been a 10 year journey with homeopathic medicine which started during a time when I was suffering from chronic migraine headaches, probably hormonal, as I was going through what used to be called The Change of Life (menopause). What an interesting term that is. It certainly was during a period of my life where enormous changes were occurring. My husband and I had been wandering around Australia for a year looking for somewhere we would like to spend the rest of our lives together. We settled on Perth. By the time we bought at house in Perth thankfully the migraine headaches had eased somewhat. Through a very dear friend who lives on the East Coast, I had had an interest in alternative medicine for some years, although I had really only dabbled in diet and herbs, but during our travels around Australia I had met several people who talked about homoeopathy. Upon the recommendation of the Homoeopathy Society in Perth I began my long association with Melanie. I went to a home prescriber workshop run by Melanie which gave me the confidence to treat myself for minor issues. I am what’s called I believe a typical “phos person” and I respond very quickly to remedies. Not long after my arrival in Perth I was diagnosed with a cyst on my ovary which was treated successfully with remedies from Melanie. From time to time I feel the familiar ache of the cyst, but these days it is a good indicator to me of my emotional state, and I am quick to assess my emotional state and use the remedy and within a day the ache has disappeared again.

For 4 months in 2009 I volunteered at a school in Tanzania and during that time I was covered with a comprehensive homeopathic travel program prescribed by Melanie. It covered me for main malaria protection, constitutional and general anti-viral/anti-bacterial protection. I have never felt so well as I did during those very special months. In the past I have been a nervous traveller, but with rescue remedy in my water bottle and Melanie’s travel remedy, these days I show no signs of jetlag or nervousness.

During the winter months I take Tub and Anas Barb each once a week and these remedies generally see me through winter without any major complications. I do not have a ‘flu shot as so many of my friends do, and there is pressure for me to do so. At the first signs of a cold I take Aconite and if I do happen to really succumb to a heavy cold I have always contacted Melanie for additional advice as once established, I have a tendency for colds to develop into serious coughs. My mother’s advice of rest and plenty of liquids, together with Melanie’s remedies works for me.

For my general well-being I have annual wellness checks with my GP and the usual mammogram and pap smear, but I attribute my good health to regular exercise, a good diet, a loving relationship, a happy disposition and homeopathic medicine. Modern communications have enabled me to continue with Melanie as my practitioner after her move from Perth to Tasmania. With a few years behind us of face to face consultations before the move, I think we know each other rather well and I absolutely trust that Melanie knows my body almost as well as I do! MM, WA