I started distance consultations very early on in my career, with clients around the vast state of Western Australia. In those days it was by phone, so I honed my listening and prescribing skills well over many acute and chronic consultations.

These days the bulk of my clients are in mainland Australia and southern Tasmania, while I reside in Shearwater, on the north west coast of Tassie. For me there is little difference between face-to-face and distance, except the skills required are a little different.

Because so many people travel to Tasmania for holidays, I have often had the opportunity to catch up with someone I’ve never met in person, but I have many clients I have treated for years via skype and Zoom or phone whom I’ve never met face to face.

In 2019, after finding that the majority of my clients were everywhere but north west Tasmania, I stopped doing face-to-face consultations altogether and I have said for a while that I work smarter on the phone or via skype or zoom. Sometimes my personal space, my office environment and the view from my window – gum trees, birds in the bird bath – and a comfy chair, give me better clarity and a more conducive way of working for gathering and assessing the information I need to give of my best.

Because I don’t have the opportunity to examine you myself, I will often recommend a trip to your GP, if you haven’t already done this, or even emergency department if we have an acute situation, and will request copies of any medical tests or hair analysis reports. Sometimes I will send you off to your GP for blood tests or perhaps with the suggestion of a scan or other investigation, if required. It is necessary we know what is going on to help with my prescribing and also because I have a duty of care to you and/or your child.

We use a questionnaire as the basis of the consult, just to make sure we cover everything, and I send this out when we organise the consultation. Payment is by bank deposit, paypal or credit card and remedies are shipped express post. Of course you are welcome to pop extra items from our online store into your package!

Please note that while you may have remedies at home, I prefer to dispense any remedies related to your consultation from our own remedy bank, ensuring the quality of my prescription. You are always welcome to use these remedies if we have an acute situation or need a remedy in a hurry, but we have had situations in the past where a remedy from another dispensary has not worked and it has added an element of confusion into what we are addressing.

We have a detailed consent form which advises how the process works and I send out an “Information for Patients” brochure to each new patient outlining how I work and how and when to contact me.

I spend quite a lot of time each morning answering emails and texts to make sure everyone knows what they should be doing and answering questions.

My Professional indemnity insurance extends to cover distance consultations.

If you’d like to arrange a consultation or have some questions about the process, drop me a line.