Supporting your journey through life

The Elements of Now name and then podcast came about during the tumultuous years of Covid as an alternative name for Elements of Health should it ever be required. 

Our podcast (sporadic as it is !) offers meditation, homeopathy, vibrational healing, spiritual path and just general thoughts on life. For insights and ideas for living this earth-life well, join Esoteric Elders, Melanie & Dean. No matter your earth age, we’ve connected before and we’re recreating that connection here and now.

After several decades as a highly successful homeopath, as master essence makers, teachers of yoga, meditation and spiritual practice, and a lifetime following the spiritual path, there’s a lot to share. Elder in years does equal elder in spirit!

If you go to Spotify or Amazon Music and can’t find the podcast as it’s quite new, you can access here and then save to your feed.

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Understanding the Path to Forgiveness (audio file)

This podcast comes from a blog on a topic which comes up so often. As with all these things, they are always relevant to someone somewhere as we do our personal inner work. It’s interesting to read a post which … Continued

Passing through Ancestry to find our Mastery (audio file)

This podcast comes from a blog which I wrote back in 2018. As with all these things, they are always relevant to someone somewhere as we do our personal inner work. It’s interesting to read a post which was written … Continued

Sepia; a life in poetry

Here’s a brilliant poem about the homeopathic remedy Sepia, written and narrated by Sally, one of our clients and a friend in homeopathy. She has raised her children on homeopathy, and I’ve supported her daughter and now her brand new … Continued

Pathway to Your Soul Meditation

The Journey of Your Soul

This short, guided journey takes you from a starting place of safety and comfort to connect you with your higher self in the garden of your soul. The path and the destination of this journey will be yours and yours … Continued

Heal Your Karma Meditation

Heal your Karma with Dean

While the energy these days has moved us on towards 5D and, we are told, a lack of karma, there are still aspects we may need to explore and heal. This guided meditation aims to redirect your current thought process … Continued

Time to Relax Meditation

Time to Relax with Dean

Are you stressed, anxious and always trying to fit things into a busy life? This seems to be the way for many people. Just like a soothing cup of tea this guided meditation with Dean is great if you wake … Continued

Yoga Nidra with Dean

Trouble with sleep? Yoga Nidra literally means “sleep of the yogi” or “psychic sleep”. This guided meditation can help you get to sleep or fall back to sleep if you wake in the middle of the night. They say it takes … Continued