Supporting your journey through life

The Elements of Now name and then podcast came about during the tumultuous years of Covid as an alternative name for Elements of Health should it ever be required. 

Our podcast (sporadic as it is !) offers meditation, homeopathy, vibrational healing, spiritual path and just general thoughts on life. For insights and ideas for living this earth-life well, join Esoteric Elders, Melanie & Dean. No matter your earth age, we’ve connected before and we’re recreating that connection here and now.

After several decades as a highly successful homeopath, as master essence makers, teachers of yoga, meditation and spiritual practice, and a lifetime following the spiritual path, there’s a lot to share. Elder in years does equal elder in spirit!

If you go to Spotify or Amazon Music and can’t find the podcast as it’s quite new, you can access here and then save to your feed.

You can access the Spotify podcast here.

And Amazon Music here if you’d prefer to listen here rather than on our website.

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