Homeopathy FAQ’s

Here are answers to some of the FAQ’s practitioners get about homeopathy.

And here as a starting point is our Home Remedy Notes which may give you quick answers to doses, frequency, etc. This is a downloadable document so you can refer to at your leisure.

Download our Home Remedy Notes here


All the remedies dispensed by Elements of Health will have a use by date on them and this is a legal requirement in Australia.

With pilules this is determined by the batch which comes from the manufacturer.

Drops do not generally last long-term due to things like contamination of the dropper by it touching the mouth and often the rubber dropper has a tendency to perish and permeate the remedy over time.

Sometimes contaminated remedies will have what we call “floaters” which is a mould that develops. It’s always good to check old bottles for this.

If you have a lot of remedies with no use by dates, particularly drops which are likely to go over within a couple of years, we would recommend you replace them to be sure they are going to work when you need them to.

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Any information provided does not replace advice from your doctor or homeopath and we advise you to seek medical help and diagnosis as appropriate.

Our kits and remedies contain homeopathic medicines selected for use in minor ailments and injuries only. They are recommended for use with immediate family only and our advice and information is not sufficient to treat extended family or friends.

Our combination remedies are prepared as a single vibrational remedy incorporating the remedies traditionally used for the situation described.

They are not suitable for home treatment of chronic, ongoing or serious conditions or diseases.

Homeopathy is deemed to be low risk by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

The remedies are effective when used in accordance with the homeopathic indications.

If in doubt as to their appropriateness to a particular situation, consult your health care practitioner.

Use only as directed.
Always read the label or information supplied.
If symptoms persist see your health care practitioner.