Elements of Health was created in 1998 by registered homeopath Melanie Creedy, in love with homeopathy for nearly 40 years!

We started as a family homeopathic practice focussing on children’s ear problems and women’s health. We opened our first little store in our own clinic and later in the local chiropractor’s clinic and the rest is history, as they say.

Supporting your journey to wellness since 1998

In 2008 after we moved to Tasmania for a tree-change, we opened our online store. It’s been growing ever since, supported by a sometimes changing but always fantastic team of homeopathy lovers working in our dispensary.

Melanie Creedy trained in the precision art of making homeopathic remedies way back in 1992 with John Morgan of Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy in the UK. She and her best friend, Pat O’Keefe (of the Homeopathic Book Company), set up a student remedy scheme at their college and that was the start of it all.

With this premium level of training for all of our dispensary staff, you know you’re getting remedies which are prepared according to homeopathic principles, to the highest possible standard, combined with our knowledge and our long experience.

We’re always happy to answer an email about home prescribing and organise remedies for travel, immunisation support, homeoprophylaxis and other specific requirements. Just drop us a line!

Our Products

Our products have been tried and tested over more than two decades and we will frequently bring out new products as needs and situations change, supporting you with informative posts to keep you up to date, an almost daily process through the Covid pandemic.

We provide single remedies, homeopathic kits and creams and our beautiful range of heart-crafted essences – the WyldChyld and Soul Harmonics – grown and prepared in our garden at Wyldwood, Southern Tasmania.

Don’t forget we offer you the option to tailor your own kits with our Pick Your Own Packs and we also offer vegan single remedies. Be assured if you buy any of our combination remedies they are already all vegan.

To help you choose what you need, we offer a complementary 10 minute consultation if you’re not quite sure what’s appropriate or have any questions.

Check out the FAQs page as well, where you will often find answers to your questions.

Our Team

Our dispensary team includes Dean Creedy (Dispensary Manager), Tanya Parsons (Dispensary Assistant/Kit Manufacturer) and Karen Williamson (Registered Homeopath and Dispensary Assistant)

Melanie Creedy

In practice since 1998, Melanie Creedy is the principal of Elements of Health. Dedicated to building wellness, empowering families to take responsibility for their healthcare and educating the public about homeopathy, Melanie is known for her extensive knowledge of all things related to vibrational medicine.

Graduating as a Licentiate of the British School of Homeopathy in the UK and later adding a Bachelor of Health Science (Homeopathy), Melanie Creedy has had a passion for homeopathic medicine since her first experience more nearly forty years ago.

Dean Creedy

Yes, Dean is a relative of course and has been a stalwart of the team over the past years. supporting us all through the trials and tribulations of battling technology; he’s our shipping expert and was a major support through the many hours of work to get everyone through the Covid pandemic.

He has put up with and been the primary assistant in moving dispensaries from state to state and house to house, fitted out a couple of dispensaries to suit our needs, learned the new products we’ve created and put up with the stresses of clinic life. Dean is our tea maker extraordinaire, but in his own right is a yoga and meditation teacher, botanical and bird photographer and all round spiritual guru.

Tanya Parsons

Tanya has been with us since early 2019 and was a silent but deadly (in a good way) member of our team through the busy and challenging years of 2020 to early 2022. After moving to the east coast of Tassie in 2022, we couldn’t bear to be apart so Tanya has continued as an integral part of the team assisting with those processes which we can organise at a distance.

Karen Williamson

With homeopaths in Tassie like hen’s teeth, how synchronistic was it that Karen moved in just up the road from us! While Karen is busy building her own clilent base and is one of my referral points, as a new arrival to Australia, she stepped in when Tanya left us and is still here! Karen confidently runs the dispensary and offers valuable input in all things homeopathic. We are super grateful to have Karen give us some of her valuable time and we love to share the joys of vibrational medicine!

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