At Elements of Health we like to share the good vibes and some of the financial abundance that is created through our EofH family.

Some of the projects we support on a regular basis include those below. If you have any other pet projects, let us know. We like to donate as widely as we can in these times where the divide between rich and poor nations and peoples is so great. It only takes a little to make a big difference!



Heather Palmer and Zozo


The main charity we support is African Vision in Malawi. This is a project created by a longtime friend Heather Palmer, who dedicates most of her time and energy to this cause. We know exactly where our money is going and what it’s buying through regular contact with Heather.

Malawi is one of the world’s 20 poorest countries. About 74 per cent of the population still lives below the income poverty line of US$1.25 a day and 90 per cent below the US$2 a day threshold. Only 12 per cent of households have access to credit.


The average Malawian can expect to live just 40 years due to HIV/AIDS, malaria, and malnutrition. 15 million Malawians live in a country a little smaller than England

Most Malawians rely on subsistence farming, but often fail to have food security as the country is prone to natural disasters of both extremes – from drought to heavy rainfalls. Poor rural people in Malawi are unable to diversify out of agriculture and tend to remain underemployed for part of the year. More than a third of rural households earn their livelihood only from farming or fishing.

Heather says “Our charity’s focus area is 30km NW from the capital, Lilongwe. We started here because we saw they had a desperate need with no-one to help them. This primary area we support is about 400 km² with a population of 45,000. We have nearly 3000 orphans on our beneficiary list and 300 people on our disability register.”

The other activity we have funded for African Vision Malawi is the purchase and distribution of solar lights. We purchased and shipped them to the UK and from there Heather took them to Africa and distributed them to the students and vulnerable adults whose lives a small light can really change.dsc04532



Our other regular support is to a teenager at school in Nepal, Dhana, who has just turned 15. We decided to support an older child, knowing that most people like to support babies and small children and hoping that our support would help her in some small way, as well as her family.

Colony 47 is a Hobart charity and for over 40 years it has worked to ensure that support is given to those that need it most. They help individuals and families find support to build better lives and break the cycle of disadvantage.


The Book Boat, Laos There are two CLI “book boats” taking Lao books to villages along the Mekong River and its tributaries. The boats serve children in more than 100 riverside villages, who otherwise would never have books in their hands. Each boat normally goes out for two weeks to a month each trip. The boats carry more than 1,000 books each. They typically arrive at a village in the morning and the village primary school is dismissed for the day to allow students to read nonstop.





Girls Gotta Run in Ethiopia invests in girls who use running and education to empower themselves and their communities.




Most people will have heard of Who Gives a Crap, who use 50% of their profits to build toilets in third world countries to reduce infectious disease and bring a higher standard of living. This is where we buy our bamboo toilet paper, a sustainable product which is great too! We have a regular order and have been known to give toilet paper as a gift!


Backpack Beds partners with over 400 homeless Welfare Agencies to distribute Backpack Beds to street sleeping homeless people without shelter.