Woman Reading the Business SectionIn November 2011 our newsletter format moved to an email version. The items of interest from the newsletters since then you will find on the Articles Page of the website and also in our blog.

Below you will find many of our earlier newsletters.

October 2011  Issues with peanut allergy, mercury toxicity, homeopathy & hair analysis and christmas gift ideas

September 2011  Topics include mother and baby issues, hay fever, homeopathy & hair analysis

August 2011  Topics include newborn issues, coughs, homeopathy & hair analysis

July 2011  Post natal issues in the mother including mild post natal depression; Diet and Health issues.

June 2011 Magic of the Minimum Dose, What is your Life Path? Angel Harmonics, 12 Harmonics for Soul Integration, Boston Baked Beans

May 2011 discusses potency and dose and tries to clear up any confusion on these issues and introduces some of our new mini kits.

April 2011 is our winter illness newsletter with lots of information about remedies for the various bugs that appear at this time of year, as well as remedies for recovery.

Jan/Feb 2011 Topics include How to care for your remedies; Homeopathy for Bites & Stings; Seed collecting as part of sustainable living

2010 December looks at the concept of Homeopathy as Information; Homeopathy for prolapse and morning sickness and asks “how long is the road to health”?

November 2010 includes a conversation on single or combination remedies, looks at remedies for menopause, and includes my favourite healthy dog biscuit recipe!

October 2010 Homeopathy for menstrual issues, Homeopathy, pregnancy & the use of Caulophyllum

September 2010 looks at indigestion, nausea and other problems of the upper digestive system.

August 2010 looks at problems of the lower digestive system such as diarrhea, constipation, etc and shares the news that the UK Government backs homeopathy.

July 2010 covers homeopathy in birth trauma, remedies for stress and introduces SOS – our new replacement for Rescue Remedy.

June 2010 Sinus & congestion, tonsillitis, how often to give your remedies, flu & virus/bacterial prevention.

May 2010 Homeopathy vs naturopathy, gum health, homeopathic food remedies, treating colds and flu, homeopathy under attack.

April 2010 takes a fresh look at remedies for colds & flu including swine flu, focuses on one of the main reasons for molluscum contagiosum, and introduces the Yoga Essences and our Pre-Natal Protection and IVF Support Sprays.

March 2010 focuses on Whole Health & how to achieve, homeopathy for eyes & introduces our new Enviro Sprays. It also contains an article by Brauer Homeopathic Pharmacy re the attacks on homeopathy.

January 2010 looks at homeopathy for acute ear infections, travels with a homeopathic kit in Africa and suggests 10 reasons to buy yourself a home remedy kit!

2009 December covers homeopathy for summer – bites and stings, accidents and injuries and how to treat ailments from both cold and heat.

November 09 discusses homeopathy for a variety of issues to do with teeth, introduces Young Living Essential Oils and our future new range of Environmental Sprays, and includes some links regarding swine flu and gardasil vaccination.

October 09 gives a short discussion on “what is homeopathy” and advises on homeopathy for hayfever and rhinitis.

August 09 looks at homeopathy for pregnancy, remedies for hayfever, and introduces our Gastro Combination and Exam/Study remedy.

July 09 discusses the proposed Swine Flu Vaccination and remedies for convalescence following the flu, and looks at what a Home Prescriber can treat at home, as well as the uses of a neti pot.

June 09 looks at remedies for sore throats, surgery and broken bones & fractures among other things.

May 09 provides information prevention and treatment of Swine Flu, and colds and influenza generally.

April 09 covers Whooping Cough remedies, the effects of EMFs and how to deal with them, Homeopathy in Literature, Homeopathic Immunisation Stats

March 09 in PDF or March 09 html – Emergencies & Homeopathy, Arnica � a taste test!, Expansion Packs, Animals & Homeopathy, Vaccination: replacing acute illness with chronic disease?

January 09 is the first of our new monthly newsletters in short format.

You can print the newsletters below for easy reading and you should be able to print them in black and white via your printer settings.

December 08 The Psychology of Illness: Infection, Christmas Stress, Homeopathy Babies, Do you need a Doula to attend your birth, Homeopathy’s for the Birds!  New product update.

September 08 The Psychology of Illness: The Lungs, homeopathy for worms, nits & other nasties, Homeopathy Babies, What doctors don’t tell you

June 2008 The Psychology of Illness: The Digestive System, homeopathy for flu, Homeopathy Babies, What doctors don’t tell you

March 08 Why do we not heal?, homeopathy for eruptions, Homeopathy Babies, What doctors don’t tell you

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