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Sale! Anticipation & Anxiety
Anticipation & Anxiety
Fear of flying, anxiety about a job interview or panicked about giving a talk or taking an exam, this is a useful remedy to have on hand.
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Sale! CLEARANCE: Pouches for your Homeopathic Remedies
CLEARANCE: Pouches for your Homeopathic Remedies
CLEARANCE - Additional shipping may apply on large orders Need a pouch to put your remedies in? Here's the place to look.  
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Sale! Cystitis
Includes the remedies traditionally used for short term relief of symptoms of a mild urinary tract infection.
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Sale! Electro-Emissions
We are constantly bombarded with EMFs in our lives and in our homes. The Electro-Emissions spray can help reduce this load and now includes 5G.
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Sale! Exam & Study
Exam & Study
For the stresses of students facing exams or other academic challenges, Exam & Study aims to assist with anxiety, irritability, "brain fag", lack of appetite, sleeplessness and exhaustion.
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Sale! Gastro
This is my "don't leave home without it" remedy for travel and for your home kit. Our best selling combination for a wide variety of tummy upsets.
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Sale! Hayfever & Allergy
Hayfever & Allergy
One of our best sellers for more than a decade, our Hayfever & Allergy Combination derives from those homeopathics traditionally used for hayfever symptoms experienced in Australia.
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Sale! Hayfever 2
Hayfever 2
Based on a German product, this remedy may be helpful where itchy eyes and skin are a particular issue or our default Hayfever & Allergy combination hasn't helped.
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Sale! Hemorrhoids
What a pain in the proverbial hemorrhoids can be! Our Hemorrhoid combination contains remedies to sooth and support healing of this uncomfortable condition.  
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Sale! Maske-On for Travellers
Maske-On for Travellers
Travelling locally or by plane, train or bus, or preparing for a potential lockdown? Required to wear a mask and worried about the possible risks? Maske-On supports potential health challenges.  
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Sale! Mother & Baby Kit – 10 Combination Remedies
Mother & Baby Kit – 10 Combination Remedies
Our Mother & Baby Kit includes those homeopathic remedies which may be useful in the early months for things like colic, thrush, immune support, etc.
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Sale! My Bubble
My Bubble
Keeps me safe from stuff that bothers me
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