Guided Journey; The Pathway to Your Soul Meditation
Guided Journey; The Pathway to Your Soul Meditation
This guided journey, a visualisation, traces the pathway to your soul and sows the seed for healing and to bring change.
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Heal Your Karma Meditation
This is a powerful and deeply acting meditation to be listened to when you are rested and available to change.
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Sale! Peace Be Still
Peace Be Still
Busy mind, restless spirit? Need more time, space, energy? Then find a quiet place and sit, spray, chill . . . Peace Be Still!
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Time to Relax Meditation
Time to Relax is a general relaxation theme, best used when you are anxious or unwinding from the day.
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Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra is a traditional practise from the yoga tradition, literally meaning “sleep of the yogi” or “psychic sleep”. This is a deep, extended relaxation practise.
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