Ground My Life


Ground My Life is our newest envirospray to help settle down that speedy, floaty, unfocussed, out-of-your-body and out-of-your-base feeling!


These powerful and unique vibrational essences, what we call our EnviroSprays, contain the synergistic energies of a selection of plants, minerals, colours and crystals targeted to meet a range of needs which are often overlooked in our busy and sometimes toxic world.

EnviroSprays are prepared as a room/body spray, dispensed in a Lemon Myrtle Floral Water base, and are simple and pleasant to use.

Ground My Life is our newest envirospray after many requests and discussions in our clinic for something to settle down that speedy, floaty, unfocussed, out-of-your-body and out-of-your-base feeling?

A sign of the times and a feature of our lives today unfortunately.

Our Ground My Life spray contains vibrational essences to keep you grounded when you need to function in the world and need to stay centred to get things done.


Vibrational Essences Apple tree, Orange (colour), Rainbow, Ether, Selenite in a Lemon Myrtle Floral Water base.


How to Use

Suggestions for use:

We usually suggest to spray the kids after a session on their screens and a spray before bed for adults.

You can spray the room or you can do a little squirt over each individual.

You could also use the drops and pilules before exposure for a bigger boost to the system, then afterwards as/if required.

Best thing is to have a go and see how it works for your family. Some people are very sensitive to the effects and can feel the energy settling.

You could also buy in drops which you could put into a water filter or bottles/fridge chiller etc if you want to give more regular doses.

This is going to be an ongoing issue for all of us but my suspicion is that many of the younger generations will begin to adapt. It seems to be more the adults who are having major issues.


Room Spray – Shake well and spray once of twice approximately 10cm from the body as required or spray the area or the room. We suggest spraying in the air, then walking through the mist as the best way to get maximum coverage!

Drops – 4 drops each time on the tongue

Pilules – 1 or 2  pilules each time in the mouth

If necessary can be repeated every 10 minutes for 5 doses, then hourly while exposed if reaction is strong/severe.


Caution: Always patch test the spray before using on fabric or leather. Do not spray in the eyes.


Available in:

100ml floral water room spray

10 pilules (oral dose)

25 & 50ml drops (oral dose)


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