Soul Harmonics – Crossing Over


Crossing Over helps us to stand firm and to ease the process of leaving this earthly life. It allows us to move forward with courage, love and joy, with loose ends tied up and karma recognised and released, onto a new timeline and into the light.

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Soul Harmonics – Crossing Over

Vibrational Essences of Ash Tree, Frankincense, Holly Berry, Purple, Sandalwood, Stonehenge Sol, Strawberry, Sycamore Seed, Wych Elm

Support for the End of Life

Once upon a time our Soul Harmonics was a set of 12 essences, which we thought was set in stone.

The universe had other ideas and gradually more vibrational essences are adding themselves to the range to support you through life and now at the end of life.

Soul Harmonics Crossing Over includes beautiful vibrational essences – plant, crystal, colour – to help you stand firm and to ease the process of leaving this earthly life.

Crossing Over allows us to move forward with courage, love and joy, with loose ends tied up and karma recognised and released, so we can move onto a new timeline and into the light.

The vibrational essences, all created as high potency homeopathics, allow us to aim high and go deep for this profound and final step in this earthly incarnation.

Sometimes there is fear, sometimes there is uncertainty about what comes next, what needs to happen, how to actually go that final step and the seven vibrational essences we’ve chosen according to their esoteric affinities, support us in this final stage.

If the journey of your loved one is more physical in nature, read through the blog on Homeopathy for the End of Life as you may find something appropriate here. Otherwise contact your homeopath for more individualised suggestions for this time.

Crossing Over – the vibrational essences

The number seven made itself clearly felt as the appropriate number of essences for guiding the final journey.

Interestingly those listed below are mainly plant vibration, with the addition of the colour Purple, one of the major vibrational essences for helping souls to pass over.

Energetically they feel perfect for the process and the combination of the vibrations is dynamic and high level, covering all of the issues and aspects we might expect at this end time of our earthly life.

Ash Tree – For souls approaching death who are fearful of dying and restricted in the body due to disease. Opens the higher chakras to enlightenment and spiritual freedom, bringing connection with the guides and spiritual beings waiting to welcome the soul on the other side. A tree of mythical magic and a druidic tree strongly connected with the energy of the Stonehenge Sol essence, which is also included.

Frankincense – One of the gifts to the Christ child, Frankincense allows the soul lessons of the incarnation to be taken forward at the point of death, for there to be consciousness. Helps the soul to realise what has happened and to release the ties of the physical world. Surrounds the soul with the Christ light and enables soul contact once more with Source/God/Spirit if they have lost this connection through their life.

Holly Berry – Helps the disincarnating soul at the end of their stay here. For those at the end, wishing for release from pain and suffering, finding it impossible to take any more, but unable to let go. Helps them to make a decision, brings the courage to act. Holds us in a place of peace and humility with an open heart. Useful for those who have witnessed horror and darkness in this life or in past incarnations, who fear the darkness and what may lie beyond the here and now. Has a direct link with the akashic records and the Lords of Karma.

Purple (the colour) – This is one of the major vibrational essences for helping souls to pass over. Useful for any state where transformation or transition into another state or phase is being held back through fear or inertia. For those who are seriously ill, where their spirit seems to want to leave the body because it is going through so much pain, but is held back through fear. Remedy is said to act like end of life drugs in reducing and relieving pain.

Sandalwood – Allows the seed atom in the heart to play its part at the time of death, ensuring a full and smooth transition. Takes away fear of death with the knowledge that there is no death but only life eternal. A great healing balm for the time of passing, protecting the spirit as it makes its transition to a new state of consciousness. Where the death has been a shock, unexpected and the energies and emotions are scattered. A useful remedy where a patient is dying but is still manipulating the death process, drawing and holding the family into their negative space.

Stonehenge Sol – The sun on the stones at Stonehenge is such a beautiful image of light and ancient energy, pure power and spirituality, a vibration capable of letting people go peacefully across. For transitions, for passages between one stage and another. For torment of the soul who wants to pass this life, but has a fear brought with them from other lives which they do not understand. Allows them to let go of the fight and surrender with peace and tranquillity.

Strawberry – Motivates the soul to carry on with their purpose and cross over in death, and removes the fear of going forward. Allows the rites of passage to be fulfilled at the instant before death. Useful in hospices where the angels of death and light collect, where the nurses and healers and carers are filled with and surrounded with light, and have a quietness and acceptance of death.

Sycamore Seed – Another wonderful vibrational essence to help the spirit fly to the light, allowing those passing over to see loved ones who have gone before.

Wych Elm – There has been a long association between Elms, the Elven kingdom and with death, the grave and rebirth. The tree is said to have a crown of light and to provide a link between heaven and earth. Opens up the elderly to the light within and prepares them for transition. Helps to remove fears and anxieties over what and who are being left behind. Gives protection during dying. For those who cannot let go at the end of life, who are stuck between the polarities of the crown and base, not able to release into the light, but not able to sink back into matter. Restores faith in the journey and the transitional process.


Read more in the Blog – Soul Harmonics your Tools for Transformation

This essence is available in 30ml drops and a 100ml room spray, which may be more useful if your loved one is unconscious or unable to take remedies by mouth.




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Babies under 6 months – 1 drop

Babies 6-12 months     – 2 drops

12 months and above   – 4 drops


Give 1 or 2 pilules regardless of age.

Crush between 2 clean teaspoons if you are giving to a baby and you are uncomfortable with giving whole.

Homeopathy is about quality, not quantity!

Directions for Use

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Bottle Sizes

10g pilules: approximately 110 pilules

25ml drops: approximately 120 doses at 4 drops per dose

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Care & How to Use

The Soul Harmonics can be used at any age and life stage and may be used during pregnancy if you want to work with baby as well!

The dose for your Harmonic is generally 7 drops but it’s not set in stone.

You can take the drops straight on the tongue, put into a water bottle and sip, or rub onto the crown of the head, pulse spots, soles of the feet, etc.

Don’t be concerned if you find yourself working through the whole set. We all have much work to do and you will know what is appropriate and when. Embrace the process.

Keep a diary! It can be insightful to see what happens with the Soul Harmonics.

While you could combine Soul Harmonics, they are not designed to be used in this way as they are complete in themselves.

Care of your Soul Harmonics

The Soul Harmonics are Vibrational Essences created to resonate on a Soul level. As such they don’t need too much special care and attention because they’re purposed for the job they’ve chosen. Just some basic common sense care is all that’s required:
  • Store away from direct light & heat, strong smells (such as essential oils) and electrical appliances such as mobile phones and microwaves.
  • If the dropper comes in contact with the mouth, rinse with boiling water to avoid cross-contamination.
  • If in doubt as to the appropriateness of an essence, contact us.
Available in 30ml oral drops and 100ml room spray in lemon myrtle floral water, or buy both together and save.


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