Sweet Dreams

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To help me sleep peacefully and safely



Sweet Dreams

To help me sleep peacefully and safely

If you’re having bad dreams or can’t get to sleep this will help you sleep sweetly.

This is one of our best selling WyldChyld Essences and we’re told that not only does it work for all ages, but it works for dogs too! You can read Solly’s testimonial below.

A few drops before bed and a few drops if you wake in the night should help with short term sleep issues.



WE Communication – Forget-me-not, WE Dreams & Visions – Pear, WE Jade, WE Herkimer Diamond. Essence 4μl in Spring water, 10% grape alcohol, 5% brandy (as preservative)


Heartcrafted in the garden at Wyldwood, Southern Tasmania

WE = Wyldwood Essence

Dispensed in 20ml treatment bottle


Here’s a lovely testimonial from a dog who uses Sweet Dreams!

At night, our dog Solly has just begun to sleep in my sons room. To ensure that he would settle and sleep well, we pop a few drops of the beautiful WyldChyld Essence Sweet Dreams on the tip of his nose. He promptly licks them off quickly and snuggles down onto his pillow. We also put a couple of drops of Lavender on the top of his head and on his ears. Within no time at all he is snoring away and we don’t hear a peep from him until morning.



These notes are a general guide.

Do read the individual directions on each product (both on the label and in the store description) to ascertain whether usage differs to the suggestions here.


Babies under 6 months – 1 drop

Babies 6-12 months     – 2 drops

12 months and above   – 4 drops


Give 1 or 2 pilules regardless of age.

Crush between 2 clean teaspoons if you are giving to a baby and you are uncomfortable with giving whole.

Homeopathy is about quality, not quantity!

Directions for Use

See the individual product description or the label on the product for how often to give.

Bottle Sizes

10g pilules: approximately 110 pilules

25ml drops: approximately 120 doses at 4 drops per dose

Other Questions

For any questions you might have on how, when, what, how often, what size bottles, giving remedies to babies, etc, look in the FAQs.

About Our Essences will give you a rundown on the Soul Harmonics and WyldChyld Essences, how to use them and how to care for them.

The Kit Information drop down will give you the flyers for our kits.

Articles has information about homeopathy generally.

The items above are also accessible under the Information tab on our home page.

Our Search Bar is very functional. When you put in a search request it will list products, then posts, then the pages your information may be found on so scroll down through the list that comes up.

And if you still don’t find what you are looking for, drop us a line via the contact page.

Our homeopathic remedies and kits are suitable for the management of self-limiting and minor ailments and illnesses and not for the home treatment of chronic, ongoing or serious conditions or named diseases. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. If in doubt as to the appropriateness of a product to a particular situation, consult your health care practitioner, GP or Emergency Department.

Homeopathy is a traditional medicine and is deemed to be low risk by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. The remedies are effective when used in accordance with the homeopathic indications. It may be used in conjunction with other medicines. The information on our website and in this article does not constitute medical advice. It is referenced from traditional homeopathic texts and is for information only. 

Always seek medical advice in emergencies. Use only as directed. Always read the label or information supplied. If symptoms persist see your health care practitioner.

How to Use Your Essences

The comment we have received most often about our essences is how powerful they are.

We therefore suggest that you start out with a single dose of 7 drops and see what effect it has before you start to give on a regular basis.

Let your child choose their essence themselves where appropriate. Not only is this the most accurate way of choosing an essence, it can provide insight into what is going on for them.

Feel free to take them yourself. We are all children at heart and we are often working with issues from childhood. If you resonate with an essence, try it!

Essences can be given to any age and can be used during pregnancy if you want to start work before baby arrives!


The dose for your essence is 7 drops. For small children you can reduce the dose to 2 or 3 drops.

Take drops straight on the tongue, put into a water bottle or rub onto the crown of the head, pulse spots, soles of the feet wherever you feel inclined to use them.

Give a single dose and wait a day or two before dosing regularly if the individual is sensitive or reactive.

Don’t be concerned if you find your child (or yourself) working through the whole set. We all have much work to do and you will know what is appropriate and when. Embrace the process.

Keep a diary! It can be insightful for you as a parent and for your healthcare practitioner to see what happens with the essences.

While you could combine essences, they are not designed to be used in this way as they are complete in themselves . . . but don’t take my word for it!

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  1. Jo

    This remedy is like a magical elixir that always ensures a peaceful nights rest. I keep a spare bottle of Sweet Dreams next to my husbands side of the bed and he will often take a dose if he is having trouble switching off at night… it always works a treat and he finds that is able to drift odd to sleep after taking it. Thank you Melanie for this sleep saving remedy!

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