All our base remedies are purchased from the best homeopathic pharmacies in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, and prepared according to European Homeopathic standards so you know they’ll be effective.

In our dispensary we are required to comply with TGA Good Manufacturing Practice regulations.

Our pilules are high quality 100% sucrose, which is the traditional carrier for homeopathics.

Drops are made up in Tasmanian spring water (quality assured) with 15% grape alcohol and 5% brandy as a preservative. This is necessary as a preservative, particularly for orders going to warmer parts of Australia and again is the traditional liquid carrier for homeopathic remedies.

We believe the quality of our remedies is of the paramount importance and our clients assure us they can tell the difference from other suppliers’ products.

We do not have room to list all remedies and potencies so if there is something you want but don’t see, please email us to check if available.

We have an extensive remedy bank and can supply a wide range of common remedies but do bear in mind we are a clinic/dispensary rather than a homeopathic pharmacy and there are regulations around what we are allowed to dispense to the general public.

We do not dispense potencies higher than 200c in the store, but will dispense above a 200c if you are a homeopathic practitioner or we have a written request from your registered homeopath or naturopath. Prices may differ from those in the store.

If you place an order for a Pick Your Own Pack and list the remedies you require without specifying a potency, we will automatically send you the remedy in a 30c.

Some of our kits are made up individually when you order them. This does mean that occasionally there may be a slight delay if you have placed a large order.

Vegan Remedies

We offer vegan remedies in our single remedy range for a small additional charge. These remedies are hand made to order on our vibrational potentiser.

We do not offer vegan remedy options for our kits due to the cost of handling. However, please enquire if you would like to know the additional cost on any of our single remedy kits. There will usually only be 2 or 3 remedies in a kit which will need to be vegan.

All of our combination remedies are suitable for vegans.

Bottle sizes

  • 10g pilules – approximately 110 pilules
  • 25ml drops – approximately 100 doses
  • 50ml drops – approximately 200 doses

Some remedies are only available in the store as 25ml or 50ml drops. This is because we believe these particular remedies are better dispensed in liquid than sucrose.

Do be aware that the shelf life on drops is not as long as on pilules and they are easier to contaminate if the dropper touches someone’s mouth.

We recommend pilules for all kits and remedies that will travel or which are required to last a long period of time.

Glass or plastic

While our sturdy glass bottles may add a little to the weight of your kit, we have chosen not to use plastic containers as we believe plastic is incompatible with maintaining the quality and longevity of your homeopathics.