Anticipation & Anxiety


Fear of flying, anxiety about a job interview or panicked about giving a talk or taking an exam, this is a useful remedy to have on hand.

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I made up the Anticipation & Anxiety combination many times in my years in practice for individuals. Some years ago we created it as a combination for everyone.

Anticipation & Anxiety includes those remedies traditionally indicated for situations such as fear of flying or going to the dentist, anxiety about a job interview or panicked about giving a talk or taking an exam. Symptoms might include acute fear, low grade anxiety or anticipation, panic, with symptoms such as mental paralysis, palpitations, lack of appetite, nausea, etc.

We suggest you take the remedy as soon as you feel the symptoms appear. This might be a month before the event or it may just be the day before or perhaps you might just need it every day if you are going through a particularly anxious time. On the day of the event you can put your drops in a water bottle (see “How to take” tab) and sip as required!

Always read the label.

Use only as directed.

If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner promptly as more individualised remedies may be required in certain situations such as long term, chronic anxiety!


SVR14 Anticipation (Homeopathics: Aconite 30c, Gelsemium 30c, Argentum NItricum 30c, Arsenicum Album 30c, Vibrational Essences: Copper Beech, Frankincense, Moldovite, Wyldwood Essence Honesty)

Put your 4 drops or 1 pilule in a water bottle and shake vigorously.

Your water bottle has now become your remedy.

Sip as often required to settle symptoms.

Useful for travel or exam situations.


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