Motion Sickness (Nausea)


Our Motion Sickness combination may assist with symptoms experienced while travelling in a car, boat, or plane or other forms of mild nausea which may include dizziness and vomiting.


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Travel sickness whether in a car, boat or plane can make holidays and trips generally unpleasant.

Our Motion Sickness combination may be useful for all of the above. It may also be helpful for nausea and vertigo when experienced after a long trip across time zones or for other forms of mild nausea which may include dizziness, vomiting and/or that awful up and down motion one can sometimes experience.

We have included S.O.S. (our own version of Rescue Remedy) to assist with associated stress and anxiety.



SVR23 Motion Sickness Combination (Cocculus 30c, Nux Vomica 30c, Tabacum 30c, Petroleum 30c, S.O.S.)


If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner.

Always read the label.

Use only as directed.

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10g Pilules, 25ml Drops, 50ml Drops


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