Our PMS combination may help with mild period problems such as pain, headaches, weepiness and irritability.

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Our PMS combination includes those remedies traditionally indicated for mild pre-menstrual symptoms such as pain (abdominal and back), headaches, weepiness, irritability, etc which can be experienced by some women before or at the beginning of their period.

It also includes vibrational essences to enhance the action and support the emotions.

Ongoing issues require advice from a registered homeopath to support and balance the whole system and bring calm at this time of the month!



SVR16 PMS (Homeopathics: Chamomilla 30c, Mag Phos 6x, Pulsatilla 30c, Sepia 30c. Essences: Red, Selenite, Snowdrop)


Use only as directed.
Always read the label.
If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner

The PMS combination includes Mag Phos 6x for pain which often works best in warm water.

Pop 1 pilule or 4 drops of the remedy in 1/4 glass of warm to hot water.

Stir vigorously to activate the pilule (it won’t dissolve!) and sip as required.

Doses can be taken every 10 minutes up to five doses if symptoms are intense. You can use the same glass for the 5 doses, stirring before each sip.



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