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Probiotic Kefir 6x


Probiotic Kefir 6x, prepared as a homeopathic remedy, balances and helps recolonise gut flora. Use alongside good quality organic yoghurt, fermented foods or probiotics for enhanced results.

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We all know how important good gut health is. It’s as important as stress management, exercise and good hydration in a well balanced life and it’s an integral part of maintaining a healthy immune system and microbiome.

Prepared from Kefir, a well known and much used natural probiotic, this homeopathic remedy helps promote and stimulate balance and recolonisation of the digestive system with good gut flora, rather than just supplementing. It encourages the body to work harder and better to bring about balance.

If used alongside fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, for example, or other forms of over the counter probiotics, it aims to stimulate a more rapid response in your tummy!

If you’ve tried a range of probiotic supplements or foods without much effect, try using Probiotic Kefir 6x either alongside or on its own to improve results.

Take during and after antibiotic use, in digestive conditions or following a bout of gastro, etc.

Best results for poor gut function and other health issues will always be achieved by consulting with your homeopath for individualised remedies to support the whole person and address any underlying issues and susceptibilities.

Vegan, sugar, gluten & dairy free: This remedy is vegan, sugar, gluten and dairy free due to the way it is prepared in the homeopathic dispensary.


Probiotic Kefir 6x

Available in 25ml and 50ml drops only.


If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner.

Always read the label.

Use as directed.

Instructions for use:

We suggest taking our homeopathic Probiotic Kefir 6x once a day for at least one month.

It may be used alongside yogurt, kefir, other forms of over the counter probiotics and fermented foods to help stimulate a more rapid response.

If there is no change in your condition in this timeframe consult a registered homeopath for individualised remedies to support the whole person and address any underlying issues and susceptibilities.


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