Safe Vacc Combination


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If you are worried about the side effects of immunising your baby or small child, our Safe Vacc Combination aims to give some level of support to the immune system before, during and after the vaccination process

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If you are worried about the potential effects of immunising your baby or small child our Safe Vacc Combination can provide support before, during and after the vaccination process.

It is derived from those remedies traditionally used in this situation to support and protect the immune system. This is a combination I have been using in my clinic for more than a decade.

We also suggest you consider using our Immune Boost Combination and/or high dose vitamin C powder with this program. Please check with your pharmacy or healthcare practitioner for the appropriate dosage.

We also have the ImmSafe Program which runs alongside your child’s vaccination schedule, using remedies which specifically relate to each needle to support the process.

Please contact us for further information.

This program is individualised to your child’s vaccination schedule, whereas the Safe Vacc Combination is a general support protocol.


SVR22 Safe Vacc (Aconite 30c, Apis 30c, Arnica 30c, Hypericum 30c, Ledum 30c, Thuja 30c)


Use only as directed.
Always read the label/information supplied.
If symptoms develop or persist consult your healthcare practitioner

For a more targeted approach to supporting the immune system during immunisation we recommend using this remedy in conjunction with our ImmSafe Program.

Please email direct for the full information or look at the Immunisation section of the website for a little more information.

A consultation is required to prepare and dispense this program because of the nature of the remedies used and due to the fact it is tailored to the child and the immunisations being given.

We have been refining this program for the past ten years as immunisations have increased in number and side effects have become more prevalent.

Email for further information.


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