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The Surgery Combination derives from those remedies traditionally indicated to promote healing and recovery after any surgery, including caesarean and lip/tongue-tie. It also contains remedies to assist with the occasional side effects of anaesthetic.

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Our Surgery combination derives from those remedies traditionally indicated to assist with healing and to promote recovery after any type of surgery, including caesarean, dental, lip and tongue-tie and similar.

The remedies have been chosen for their application in states of shock, bruising, bleeding, general trauma, healing and to help to keep the recovery process on track.

The Surgery combination also contains remedies to assist with the occasional side effects of anaesthetic.


Please see the Remedy Details tab for further information.


“I have recently had a hysterectomy and the Surgery remedy worked wonders. I like the combination remedies and have had success with the Hayfever & Allergy combo also”. Mandy, Tasmania


Available in 10g sucrose or 25ml/50ml low alcohol formulation (see Remedy Details tab)



SVR25 Surgery Combination (Arnica 30c, Bellis Perennis 30c, Calendula 30c, Carbo Veg 30c, Hypericum 30c, Phosphorus 30c, Staphysagria 30c)


Use only as directed.
Always read the label or information supplied.
If symptoms persist see your health care practitioner.

Surgery Combination

This combination would also be helpful for other types of wounds and for dental surgery.

Arnica – For bruising, shock, bleeding, pain relief.

Bellis Perennis – To heal deep muscle tissue in abdomen.

Calendula  – To heal scar tissue and prevent infection.

Carbo Veg – for weakness or collapse, or bloating from anaesthetic.

Hypericum – To prevent infection and relieve pain, especially after epidural.

Phosphorus – excessive bleeding, weakness or nausea and dizziness following anaesthetic.


Alcohol in Remedies

Much like a pharmacy medicines, alcohol is a necessary inclusion as a preservative and also as an integral part of the action of the remedy, ie how it works.

The alcohol in our remedies is as low as permissible (10% grape alcohol, 5% brandy) and the dose (see below) is tiny.

To maintain the integrity of the product, do ensure that if the dropper touches the mouth, it is rinsed in boiling water before returning to the bottle.



1 drop for under 6 months of age

2 drops for under 12 months

4 drops for over 12 months


If it is deemed necessary to reduce the alcohol further, you may do so as follows.


Diluting the Remedy

  • Put your drops in 1/4 glass of water
  • Stir vigorously with a teaspoon
  • The water is now your remedy
  • Give 1/2 teaspoon (0-12 months) or 1 teaspoon (over 12 months) and repeat for each dose


Interactions with conventional medications

Homeopathic remedies work in a different way to pharmacy medicines.

If pain persists and other pain relief is required, give as per the directions on the bottle.

Check with your surgeon, GP or homeopath, as appropriate, if you have any questions or concerns.

1 review for Surgery Support


    I have been using homeopathic remedies for my boxer dogs for many years now and the latest use was for Charlotte’s gum and teeth surgery. I was told that it was quite a bloody operation and I was anxious so I contacted Melanie and I used the Surgery remedy a few days before and after the operation and extra on the day. I had expected to bring her home and everywhere be like a crime scene but apart from some pinkish fluid in the morning, Charlotte’s gums healed quickly. Homeopathy helped both Tess and Flynn in their final days and Sophie and Charlotte see a bottle and expect to be dosed! I was using for myself recently and Sophie sat expecting her’s….Boxers also have great gums for the pillules! Finally, they don’t analyse it, they just feel better.

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