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While croup can be scary and can sometimes necessitate a visit to emergency, there are times when homeopathy can be a good additional support.

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Croup is a potentially serious event, but while croup can be scary and can sometimes necessitate a visit to emergency, there are times when homeopathy can be a good additional support.

There are three commonly and traditionally used remedies in homeopathy for managing the early stages of croup.

You could use these remedies alongside your plan from your GP or as a first step, even if you are preparing for a trip to the hospital.

What is the Croup Trio?

  1. Aconite 30c – the first stage of croup when the child wakes coughing and gasping, often in the middle of the night, and you as a parent are freaked out.
  2. Spongia 30c – this is often the second stage (we try not to generalise in homeopathy) when the cough is barking like a seal and sounds really nasty.
  3. Hepar Sulph 30c – this is often stage three where the cough becomes loose and hacking and may linger and take time to resolve.

See our recommendations for use under the Directions tab.

Set of 3 bottles available in either 25ml drops or 10g pilules

If your child is having recurrent and/or severe bouts of croup then it is not appropriate to treat this yourself, although these remedies may ease the severity and duration.

Your best option to reduce the frequency and severity of croup is a consultation with a registered and experienced homeopath to look at the underlying family medical history and to work out individualised remedies for your child. This should help break the cycle and bring the system back into balance.


Always see your GP or ED for fever in a child under 6 months old or any age if your child is having trouble breathing.

These remedies are only suitable for short term, infrequent occurrences of croup and should not be used for recurrent, frequent or severe croup without referral to your homeopath or other healthcare professional.

Use only as directed.
Always read the label/information supplied.
If symptoms develop or persist consult your healthcare practitioner

 Stage 1 – Aconite 30c

The child is gasping and coughing, often in the middle of the night. The parent is very anxious and worried and planning a trip to emergency, which is the best place to be if things are acute.

Give 5 doses 10 minutes apart initially, then reduce to hourly and then two hourly or you just give the remedies as required, ie when the symptoms return.

The child may fall asleep. Do not wake them to give the remedy, this means the remedy is working.

1 or 2 doses may be enough to bring about improvement.

If this doesn’t work then Aconite may not be the best remedy for your child at this time. Contact your homeopath for a more individualised remedy.

Stage 2 – Spongia 30c alternated with Hepar Sulph 30c

The cough has become either barking and hoarse or loose and hacking.

Give Spongia 30c one hour and Hepar Sulph 30c the next, alternating hourly through the first day after the croup has started. You should find things improving on the following day, at which stage reduce the remedies to every couple of hours each.

Stage 3 – Hepar Sulph 30c

If the cough ends up just as a loose, chesty cough, continue with Hepar Sulph on its own 3 times a day for a few more days.

Return of Croup or lingering chesty cough

If the croup returns repeat Aconite as above, but consider a consultation with a homeopath. This also applies if you get so far with your remedies but the cough or mucous does not fully resolve in 7-10 days.



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