TS Period Pain


A traditional tissue salt combination which may assist in the management of period pain and discomfort.

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TS Period Pain is a traditional tissue salt combination which may assist in the management of menstrual pain and discomfort.

Tissue salts support and enhance assimilation and uptake of food and nutrients, rather than supplementing diet. If your body is not able to assimilate what you intake then vitamins, minerals, etc can be wasted.

Use twice a day for a month or more to allow the remedies to have a reasonable period of time to work on the system. Take additional doses if pain is an issue when the period starts.

Mag Phos, which is included, is always said to work best in hot water, so for best results add your drops or pilules to a glass of hot water and sip.

See the Notes tab for further information.

For ongoing issues with menstrual pain do see your GP or consult your homeopath for more individualised treatment.



Calc Phos 6x, Kali Mur 6x, Kali Phos 6x, Mag Phos 6x, Zinc Mur 6x


Use only as directed.
Always read the label or information supplied.
If symptoms persist see your health care practitioner

  • For best results add your 4 drops or 1 pilule to a 1/4 glass of hot water.
  • Stir vigorously to activate the remedies – your glass of water is now your remedy.
  • Sip as often as required.


Calc Phos promotes healthy cellular activity and restores tone to weakened organs and tissues, assisting in assimilation.

Kali Mur is useful when the system is sluggish and like Calc Sulph it is concerned with cleansing and purifying the system, which can sometimes be the issue with painful periods.

Kali Phos is a nerve nutrient and has an affinity for the tissues and fluids of the body, in particular the brain and nerve cells. It may assist with weakness and exhaustion that sometimes accompanies painful periods.

Mag Phos is a nerve relaxant hence it’s usefulness in the treatment of cramps and spasms.

Zinc Mur Zinc is present in all organs and also a component of enzymes. Zinc Mur tissue salts are useful for restless legs and crampy pain before the period.


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