TS Sinusitis


TS Sinusitis may assist in resolving sinus problems and mucous following a cold, flu or similar.

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TS Sinusitis is a traditional tissue salts combination useful to help resolve sinus problems and mucous following a cold or flu.

Ongoing issues or chronic sinusitis are best managed by a registered homeopath as an individualized remedy is often required.

Tissue salts support and enhance assimilation and uptake of food and nutrients, rather than supplementing diet. If your body is not able to assimilate what you intake then vitamins, minerals, etc can be wasted.

Also, see our Congestion remedy if you have already tried some of the tissue salts without success.


Ferrum Phos 6x, Kali Mur 6x, Kali Sulph 6x, Nat Mur 6x


Use only as directed.
Always read the label or information supplied.
If symptoms persist see your health care practitioner

Dr Schussler recommended taking tissue salts 3 or 4 times a day for 120 days!

We recommend taking 2 or 3 times a day for as long as required.

Ferrum Phos is the oxygen carrier of the system and assists with inflammation, processes vital for our system. It does not supplement iron, but helps the system use iron from the diet and balance the intake efficiently.

Kali Mur is useful when the system is sluggish and there are white discharges, such as mucous. It is concerned with cleansing and purifying the system. Kali Mur and Ferrum Phos are a classic combination for resolving all sorts of mucous conditions. Along with Nat Mur it is concerned with production of hydrochloric acid and is therefore important in the digestive processes, which also has an impact on mucous.
Kali Sulph has an affinity for the cells which form the lining of the skin and the internal mucous membranes. Together with Ferrum Phos, Kali Sulph carries oxygen to the cells and tissues. A deficiency may result in a yellow slimy tongue, and yellow/greenish discharges generally.
Nat Mur is the water balancing tissue salt which helps to maintain proper moisture in the system and can be useful for both dryness and water retention.It can be helpful for headaches with constipation, colds with profuse water mucous and sneezing, and great thirst. It often has a craving for salt and salty foods.


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