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Light Relief


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Useful for individuals who are particularly sensitive to pollution from light sources such as fluorescent light, UV or halogen and VDUs.


Some individuals are particularly sensitive to pollution from light sources such as fluorescent light, UV or halogen and VDUs. While we are constantly bombarded with radiation and EMF waves from sources such as mobile phones and towers, televisions, micro-waves and computers, these light sources can be as much of an issue.

Tiredness, irritability and stress can often be attributed to this unseen toxic shock to the body, but equally high users and sensitive individuals can experience a range of physical symptoms which can range from annoying to debilitating. If you suffer headache, buzzing in head or ears, a sense of trembling or similar after being exposed to a light source, Light Relief can be helpful in settling things down.

Our spray derives from vibrational essences which have an affinity for the side effects of the various forms of light to which people can be sensitive, and can be used as required for both adults and children.

Vibrational essences are energy remedies, resonating with the energetic frequency of these forms of light, hence their ability to assist with the effects of exposure.

Regular use will help clear and rebalance the energetic system and strengthen the immune system.



Vibrational Essences Rainbow, Pineal Gland, Sea Holly, Cotton, Fluorescent Light, Halogen, Neon, Tungsten, Lumbricus Terrestris in Lemon Myrtle Floral Water


To use: Shake well and spray approximately 10cm from the body as required or spray the area or the room.

Caution: Always patch test before using on fabric or leather. Do not spray in the eyes.

If the problem is deep seated and longstanding use daily.

Available in 100ml room spray


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