Heal Your Karma Meditation


This is a powerful and deeply acting meditation to be listened to when you are rested and available to change.


This guided meditation is to reprogram your mind and to sow the seeds for the life you know you are deserving of.

This is more powerful and deeply acting than the “Time to Relax” meditation and should only be listened to when you are rested and available to change.

Runs for approximately 20 minutes

Here’s what Dean says:

Are you stressed, anxious and always trying to fit things into a busy life? This seems to be the way for many people.

During my years of teaching yoga and meditation, I created a few deeply relaxing and powerful audio tracks, that I would like you to have to help soothe your day and to help you sleep better at night.

The only warning is not to listen to these while driving or operating machinery!

Here’s what FH said about her download:

I just need to tell you how valuable I am finding your Guided relaxation track. It is of so much benefit to me and I do thank you very much for making it available. ? The music you have chosen for it along with your very soothing voice is very effective at achieving a nice deep relaxation. FH


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