Agnihotra Sets


Agnihotra or sacred fire helps clear and cleanse your environment to raise the vibration, remove stress and improve health.


With the big interest in healing the planet, reducing the rush towards climate change and growing our own food, we see the application of agnihotra as an important element in this process.

Agnihotra is a healing fire from the ancient science of Ayurveda.

It is a process of purifying the environment and raising the energy through a specially prepared fire performed at sunrise and sunset daily.

Anyone in any walk of life can undertake Agnihotra and heal the atmosphere in his/her own home.

Thousands of people all over the world have experienced that Agnihotra reduces stress, leads to greater clarity of thought, improves overall health, gives one increased energy, and makes the mind more full of love.

Agnihotra also nourishes plant life and neutralizes harmful radiation and pathogenic bacteria. It harmonizes the functioning of Prana (life energy) and can be used to purify water resources.

What is Agnihotra? Useful basics on the process


Basic Agnihotra kit

The basic kit includes:

  • Pure copper inverted pyramid and stand
  • Copper tongs
  • Copper vessel for gee
  • Copper gee spoon
  • Copper offering bowl


What else do you need?

You will also need instructions and this is a good place to find out more:

  • Agnihotra Instructions
  • The dawn and dusk timings for each day: Agnihotra Timings
  • Organic dried cow dung – buy online or source locally and prepare your own
  • Organic gee – widely available in supermarkets and Asian grocery stores




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