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Cina has been used traditionally for worms by homeopaths for decades.

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Cina has been used traditionally for worms by homeopaths for decades.

The patient may be irritable, sensitive, easily offended and not want to be touched.

They may grind their teeth at night, wet the bad, sleep restlessly and cry out during sleep and may experience nightmares. Sometimes these symptoms are worse around the full moon.

We may see nose picking, griping pain around the umbilicus and itchy bottom.

The appetite may be changeable.

You may not see all of these symptoms!

We also have a Worming Support combination with a variety of well indicated remedies which are traditionally used in the management of worms.


Always seek medical assistance in an emergency and for a fever in a child under 6 months old.

If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner Use only as directed Always read the label.


For information on bottle sizes, remedy sources and more please see the Terms & Shipping page.

For notes on how to use our remedies see the FAQs and Kit Information pages.


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