Rumex Crispus


Rumex is traditionally used for many conditions, but often at home is indicated for dry, irritating cough, worse for cold and at night.

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Rumex traditionally has many uses in homeopathy. For home use it tends to be mainly indicated for cough, sometimes where Phosphorus looks indicated but doesn’t help.

Cough with sensitiveness to cold air. Cough caused by an incessant tickling in the throat, as if suffocating. Very dry and irritating. Touching the throat brings on the cough. Covering the body and the head with the bed-clothes often stops the cough.

The cough and any skin symptoms are worse by uncovering or exposure to air.

Worse: cold air, change of weather, at night


Always seek medical assistance in an emergency and for a fever in a child under 6 months old.

If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner Use only as directed Always read the label.


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