Soul Crystals: Selenite Heart


A perfect pocket-sized Selenite Heart, attuned to the Spirit Chakra and personally programmed to an energy of your choosing.


Sometimes when things are a little tough or you’re working hard, you want something to hold, to put under your pillow or pop in your pocket to remind you to stay calm or focussed or solid in your base.

As a tool for meditation or a daily focus on your altar, a crystal can be a beautiful and useful addition, connecting us to the higher energies, providing protection, and grounding us while we connect and work.

Over the past few years we’ve all worked harder and higher, experienced the darkness as well as the light and we have been focussing more on tools which can support and raise our vibration.

Here at Elements of Health we love our Soul Harmonics – we are probably a bit biased – but we know how well they work from feedback our clients and customers provide us with.

We wanted to offer them in a different way, in a more tangible form, and we were inspired to rethink how we can offer the energy of an esoteric remedy or essence.

We thought about pendants, but that doesn’t always work with a uniform or in summer and we felt it needed to be something a little bigger with a softer form, a more comfortable feel.

We wanted something small and portable, that you could pop in your pocket or under your pillow. Something where you could focus a specific energy you wanted to work with and that was gentle and comforting as well.

Inspiration always comes when you put the intention out there and the inspiration came clearly and fully formed and we moved surprisingly quickly to find the perfect carrier for the energy we wanted to share.

Our Selenite Hearts

We selected these beautiful Selenite Hearts as the perfect repository for the vibrational energy of your choosing.

Selenite has so many amazing properties. It aids in meditation and spiritual work and can enhance psychic development. It brings serenity, mental clarity and strength in decision making. It heightens self-awareness and opens us more fully to universal consciousness.

It also provides protection from negative energy to create a safe and quiet space with a peaceful atmosphere.

Selenite is a master cleansing stone, recharging you and your energy. It aids in keeping your energy positive and clears away energy that no longer serves, or any lower vibrating energy in your space and body. Selenite is a must when doing energy work, as it vibrates very high and very clear.

From an esoteric homeopathic perspective the energy of Selenite is about connecting what is above with what is below, bringing down the light. It’s about aspiration, so it’s about purpose. And it’s helpful if you’re having trouble being here, being present and connecting with life and with those around you.

Selenite is a very fragile crystalline substance (like many of us sensitives) so some scratching and marking is always evident on items created from this lovely crystal, whether cut or uncut, and is unavoidable. Perhaps this feels like a downside, but actually it feels so appropriate, given what we are asking our heart to help us work through. It represents an outward manifestation of how many of us feel as we move through our lives. We say “embrace the imperfections – what Dean likes to call our karmic war wounds – as part of the whole!”

How we created our Soul Crystals

So this is the base energy of the Selenite Hearts even before we attuned them all to the Spirit Chakra and before we add your personally chosen vibrational essence.

Firstly, we cleansed the Selenite Hearts of all debris accumulated through handling and travel using sunlight, an incense bundle, and intention.

Then we attuned them all to the Spirit Chakra, the ninth chakra in the thirteen chakra system*.

This is the point which allows us to more easily contact our spirit guides, guardian angel, the angelic realms and our higher self. This chakra opens us more fully to our higher guidance, to receiving inspiration and insight from our guides, and brings more creativity into our lives.

During this attunement we also tuned the hearts to the vibration of three of the Solfreggio frequencies RE, LA, MI** which resonated with higher purpose.

  • RE – 417 Hz – clears negativity and removes subconscious blockages
  • MI – 528 Hz – stimulates love, restores equilibrium, repairs DNA
  • LA – 852 Hz – awakens intuition and helps you return to spiritual balance

Now let us program a Selenite Heart for you . . .

The Selenite Hearts are now ready, attuned and waiting for us to program them for your personal work and higher purpose.

Each Selenite heart is programmed at the time of your choosing with reverence, with love and with your highest requirement in mind and in heart.

Let us program a Selenite Heart for you with one of our high vibration Soul Harmonics or essences (the options may grow with time and need), allowing you to attune to your higher self’s requirement for healing, guidance and connection at this time.

Don’t know what to choose?

Let us intuit what you need to work with at this time.

You can read more about the Soul Harmonics in our post Soul Harmonics – Your Tools for Transformation.

You may also choose Protection from our EnviroSprays range as the energetic focus for your Selenite heart if this is what you need to support you at this time.

Each Selenite Heart comes packed in its own tiny sari silk carry bag to keep it safe.

Here’s some lovely feedback from a client

I want to tell you how much I love my soul crystal. It is truly beautiful to look at. I have it with me in my pocket all day when I’m at home and it comes along on my special walks and spends the night under my pillow. I often hold it in both hands and thank the Universe for my life and feel balanced.

Thank you and Dean for being in my life to enrich my soul.

MM in WA

How to care for your Heart

Selenite is a self-cleansing crystal and we suggest handling and using your crystal with love, care and a little reverence and it will serve you well.

Avoid immersing in water due to its delicate crystalline structure.

For how to care for your Selenite Heart, see the “How to care for your crystal” tab on this page.





Care of your Soul Crystal

We suggest handling and using your crystal with love, care and a little reverence and it will serve you well.

Selenite is a self-cleansing crystal; avoid immersing in water due to its delicate crystalline structure.

If you feel the need to cleanse it you can:

  • Cleanse with the smoke from a smudge stick or incense sticks
  • Leave on your window sill at the full moon for a few hours
  • Leave out in the sun on a clear sunny day (4 hours max)

Selenite is a very fragile crystalline substance (like many of us sensitives) so some scratching and marking may be evident on your heart and is unavoidable. This feels similar to the way we come through our own lives and we say “embrace the imperfections (aka karmic war wounds) as part of the whole!”

Care & How to Use

The Soul Harmonics can be used at any age and life stage and may be used during pregnancy if you want to work with baby as well!

The dose for your Harmonic is generally 7 drops but it’s not set in stone.

You can take the drops straight on the tongue, put into a water bottle and sip, or rub onto the crown of the head, pulse spots, soles of the feet, etc.

Don’t be concerned if you find yourself working through the whole set. We all have much work to do and you will know what is appropriate and when. Embrace the process.

Keep a diary! It can be insightful to see what happens with the Soul Harmonics.

While you could combine Soul Harmonics, they are not designed to be used in this way as they are complete in themselves.

Care of your Soul Harmonics

The Soul Harmonics are Vibrational Essences created to resonate on a Soul level. As such they don’t need too much special care and attention because they’re purposed for the job they’ve chosen. Just some basic common sense care is all that’s required:
  • Store away from direct light & heat, strong smells (such as essential oils) and electrical appliances such as mobile phones and microwaves.
  • If the dropper comes in contact with the mouth, rinse with boiling water to avoid cross-contamination.
  • If in doubt as to the appropriateness of an essence, contact us.
Available in 30ml oral drops and 100ml room spray in lemon myrtle floral water, or buy both together and save.


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