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IVF Support contains vibrational remedies/essences to support the system physically through the process, as well as emotionally and spiritually.

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H15 IVF Support

Vibrational Essences of  Silver Birch, Moldavite, Sea Holly, Sycamore Seed, Earthworm

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This is a vibrational essence which has been sitting in the wings on the to make list for probably 10 years, but it’s only in recent times that it has become an item of discussion in relation to our clients.

The product “arrived” as part of our Soul Harmonics range, containing remedies/essences which support the system physically through the process, but also support the more spiritual and esoteric concerns and questions which can come with the need to go down this route to create a family unit.

We did consider whether to push this product into our standard range of homeopathics, but it does feel like a remedy/essence for our times and I have no doubt there can be soul searching and a range of very deep emotions that come with the decision to go through the IVF process.

We know IVF is not without risks, and it’s certainly been in the news a bit lately.

The IVF Support product combines the best of our vibrational remedies to support and enhance the process both physically and emotionally/spiritually. It provides a broad spectrum blend to provide gentle support and protection to the whole system.

IVF Support can be used alongside other prescribed or over-the-counter medications and does not interact.

There are other protocols which can be helpful if you are already consulting with a homeopath or feel this could be helpful in your quest. There are homeopaths who specialise in natural fertility.

We would suggest if you have had several rounds of IVF with other conceptions or for this pregnancy or have spent time on the OCP or with an IUD, you consider seeking out individualised homeopathic support to balance the system for both yourself and your children. Synthetic hormones are a major health issue in our times and the impact is being seen broadly through our population.

Select from either 30ml drops to take orally or a room spray which you can use before, during and after the process. The product can also be used for partners and children.

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IVF Support

Start with one dose a day as soon as you begin the protocol for your transfer.

Start sooner if you are feeling anxious or have other emotional concerns.

Use daily through the process until either conception is achieved or you are unsuccessful.

If you are unsuccessful (which obviously brings up a lot of emotion), we would suggest continuing for a week or two to support these emotions and allow you the space to process.



These notes are a general guide.

Do read the individual directions on each product (both on the label and in the store description) to ascertain whether usage differs to the suggestions here.


Babies under 6 months – 1 drop

Babies 6-12 months     – 2 drops

12 months and above   – 4 drops


Give 1 or 2 pilules regardless of age.

Crush between 2 clean teaspoons if you are giving to a baby and you are uncomfortable with giving whole.

Homeopathy is about quality, not quantity!

Directions for Use

See the individual product description or the label on the product for how often to give.

Bottle Sizes

10g pilules: approximately 110 pilules

25ml drops: approximately 120 doses at 4 drops per dose

Other Questions

For any questions you might have on how, when, what, how often, what size bottles, giving remedies to babies, etc, look in the FAQs.

About Our Essences will give you a rundown on the Soul Harmonics and WyldChyld Essences, how to use them and how to care for them.

The Kit Information drop down will give you the flyers for our kits.

Articles has information about homeopathy generally.

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Our homeopathic remedies and kits are suitable for the management of self-limiting and minor ailments and illnesses and not for the home treatment of chronic, ongoing or serious conditions or named diseases. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. If in doubt as to the appropriateness of a product to a particular situation, consult your health care practitioner, GP or Emergency Department.

Homeopathy is a traditional medicine and is deemed to be low risk by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. The remedies are effective when used in accordance with the homeopathic indications. It may be used in conjunction with other medicines. The information on our website and in this article does not constitute medical advice. It is referenced from traditional homeopathic texts and is for information only. 

Always seek medical advice in emergencies. Use only as directed. Always read the label or information supplied. If symptoms persist see your health care practitioner.

Care & How to Use

The Soul Harmonics can be used at any age and life stage and may be used during pregnancy if you want to work with baby as well!

The dose for your Harmonic is generally 7 drops but it’s not set in stone.

You can take the drops straight on the tongue, put into a water bottle and sip, or rub onto the crown of the head, pulse spots, soles of the feet, etc.

Don’t be concerned if you find yourself working through the whole set. We all have much work to do and you will know what is appropriate and when. Embrace the process.

Keep a diary! It can be insightful to see what happens with the Soul Harmonics.

While you could combine Soul Harmonics, they are not designed to be used in this way as they are complete in themselves.

Care of your Soul Harmonics

The Soul Harmonics are Vibrational Essences created to resonate on a Soul level. As such they don’t need too much special care and attention because they’re purposed for the job they’ve chosen. Just some basic common sense care is all that’s required:
  • Store away from direct light & heat, strong smells (such as essential oils) and electrical appliances such as mobile phones and microwaves.
  • If the dropper comes in contact with the mouth, rinse with boiling water to avoid cross-contamination.
  • If in doubt as to the appropriateness of an essence, contact us.
Available in 30ml oral drops and 100ml room spray in lemon myrtle floral water, or buy both together and save.


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