Travel Tips

selective focus photography of yellow school bus die cast

My first overseas trip was when I was under one year old and my life in travel has included several years as a flight attendant in my early 20s. I can’t claim to have visited 50+ countries as some people can, but I’ve certainly exceeded 20 at last count. As a family we’ve always loved…

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Remedies for Digestive Problems

The gut is a major focus for healthcare providers these days, with our knowledge that poor gut health usually means poor general health. We know that we need to work on our digestive health regularly and consistently and we need to nourish ourselves with wholefoods, not just take a few probiotics. Many of my clients…

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Lactose Intolerance or Dairy Allergy

The concept of lactose intolerance has been big in my practice since 2001 when I opened The Children’s Ear Clinic in Perth. This is not necessarily a true allergy, but more often an inability of the digestive system to cope with milk and then a tendency to produce a range of symptoms as an indication there…

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