From an abundance of Homeopathy research, the best bit is it works on piglets so it’s not placebo!

I always love to share data about homeopathy; both research and successful cases. Sarah Saunders, a homeopath in Sydney and a keen researcher, wrote this great article for the Aurum Project, our very own Australian research organisation, dedicated to improving … Continued

Support for Pandemic Stress & PTSD

In the blink of an eye our world turned upside down. Many people have lost their jobs or are in new positions they never expected, grandparents can’t see grandchildren and isolation means some people really are living totally alone. And … Continued

Detoxing FAQs: what, when, how?

When we think of detoxing we have tended to think of doing a liver, gallbladder, parasite or general detox. But these days we’ll often also be talking about detoxing vaccines, drugs (recreational and pharmaceutical), Roundup and industrial chemicals, and often … Continued