Meditation – Time to Relax

Dean narrates this guided relaxation for deep peace, taking you on a journey to who knows where?! See where it takes you!


We all need time to relax and centre ourselves and a space to explore our past, present and future.

Included as free downloads are a few of our guided meditations narrated by Dean, who many of you will know as the Elements of Health Dispensary Manager and Master Essence Maker.

Dean, however, had a whole other life outside of our homeopathy business until a back injury and a move to Tasmania changed his life direction . . .

What you may not know is that Dean has been a spiritual seeker of awesomeness for close to 50 years!

What Dean doesn’t know about the spiritual path, tantra, religion, magic, yoga, shamanism and all things out there and interesting is probably not worth knowing.

Dean has been a Reiki Master since 1995 and trained as a yoga teacher in India and Australia. He was also a teacher of yoga teachers with Friends in Yoga in Perth, before our tree change to Tasmania in 2007.

Looking for inspiration in yoga and wanting to combine fully the physical and spiritual aspects, Dean introduced Vinyasa Yoga to our Australian classes in 2001, bringing in a soul-centred and meditative focus with music, asana and meditation.

Dean is an amazing yoga teacher, who was greatly admired during our years teaching Vinyasa Yoga in Perth. All of our yoga students told us Dean had “the meditation voice”!


This track – Time to Relax – is a general relaxation theme, best used when you are anxious or unwinding from the day.

Dean narrates this meditation, taking you on a journey to who knows where?! See where it takes you!


Here’s what FH said about her download:

I just need to tell you how valuable I am finding your Guided relaxation track. It is of so much benefit to me and I do thank you very much for making it available. The music you have chosen for it along with your very soothing voice is very effective at achieving a nice deep relaxation. FH


The only warning is not to listen to these while driving or operating machinery!


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