About the sucrose (sugar) pilules

Sometimes people ask why the remedies are made from sugar or sucrose.

Pure sucrose is the traditional carrier for the homeopathic remedies themselves and it is used globally by all homeopathic pharmacies.

A pilule is a tiny dose and the positive action of the remedy on the immune system is stronger than any potential negative action of the sucrose.

It has been used for decades, possibly more than a century, and when the remedies are “proven” (ie given to healthy people to determine the curative action) it’s undertaken with the sucrose as part of the process, meaning we know the action of the sucrose as part of the remedy.

In the store you can choose whether you want your remedies in sucrose or in an alcohol based mix (the other traditional carrier). This is personal choice as they both work the same. Some products are only available in one or the other depending on what you are buying.

We like to keep it traditional because we know this is how the remedies work best and the information in our homeopathic materia medica for many remedies is based on sucrose as part of the remedy.

Using sucrose as the carrier also gives the product a longer use by than the drops and is much better for things like travel kits and remedies you carry with you in your bag.

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